All PiA fellows (including 2nd year fellows) and summer interns are required to submit a series of reports during the year: for yearlong fellows, a report at 3 months and at 6 months, and pre-departure and post-fellowship surveys; and for summer interns, a report at the conclusion of the internship, and pre-departure and post-internship surveys. You can download a template for each report category below. These reports are important for two reasons: 1) to keep PiA up-to-date on the specifics of each post (especially as all the posts evolve from year to year); and 2) to provide applicants and future fellows with current information on the position. Additionally, we draw on these reports for the PiA newsletter and orientation materials.

Overview of Required Reports:

Pre-Departure Survey:  A snapshot of your expectations for the program, for yourself, and for life after PiA. Your Program Director will send you a link to the survey after Orientation. 

Upon Arrival: Email us to confirm that you have arrived and to send us your home/work addresses and mobile/work phone and fax numbers. It is important for us to know this information and we will issue a revised "Fellows Contact Information Sheet" several times during the year. 

3-Month Report: A detailed report of job responsibilities, monthly budget, accommodations, lifestyle, and initial impressions of the post/country, to be used by applicants contemplating your post for next year.

6-Month Report: A self-evaluation of your job performance and comments on ways to improve the position. This report also focuses on deeper impressions of your time abroad and stories of travel, etc. In addition, we ask for your input on the country handbooks you received at orientation and submissions for "Lessons That Work" and "Work that Worked."

Post-Fellowship Survey: A short, thoughtful questionnaire that documents your 1-2 year(s) as a PiA fellow. Your Program Director will send you a link to the survey as you near the end of your fellowship.

Along with these reports, fellows are strongly encouraged to submit photos, descriptions of travel adventures, and reflections on interesting experiences. We often include photos and excerpts from fellow letters in our newsletter/alumni bulletins, so please stay in touch and let us know what life is like in Asia! We have to live vicariously from New Jersey somehow.

Please refer to the following templates to complete your reports:

Teaching Fellowships

Non-Teaching Fellowships

Summer Internships

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