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Ryan O'Donnell

Almaty, Kazakhstan

University of Michigan '17
Major in Economics
Hometown: Chicago, IL

Ryan loves sports, his favorites include Chopped and Cutthroat Kitchen. The Chicago Blackhawks, Bulls, and beloved Michigan Wolverines are great too, but nothing gets him going like a round 3 mystery box reveal. He also digs American literature, macroeconomics, and European politics. After PiA, he hopes to someday be a big-shot lawyer that can finally command some respect at his family's Thanksgiving dinner table.

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Kieran O'Neil

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

University of Puget Sound '16
Major in Biology and Global Development
Hometown: Fairbanks, AK

Kieran enjoys spending her time tromping around in the ecologically-rich waters of Puget Sound in search of nudibranchs (her favorite sea critter), harmonizing on her harmonica, and skiing up and down mountains. She currently lives in Seattle, where she consumes copious amounts of coffee working as a science editor. But she is so stoked to trade in the cubicle life for Phnom Penh, where she'll get to work as a biology research advisor for high school students and learn about all sorts of cool Cambodian wildlife.

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Aileloreuan (A.J.) Ohiwerei

Kurashiki, Japan

Princeton University '17
Major in East Asian Studies
Hometown: Somerset, NJ

A.J. is thrilled to start his new life as a character on the popular anime/reality tv show, PiA: Japan edition. When off-set, A.J. plans on relearning all of the Japanese he didn't quite learn in class, discovering the hidden treasures of the Japanese inaka, and making friends with as many of the awesome residents of Kurashiki as possible.

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Hiromi Oka

Manila, Philippines

Georgetown University ‘15
Major in International Politics
Hometown: Houston, TX

Hiromi currently lives in New York where she works for a luxury jewelry company that sadly does not pay her in diamonds. Eager to escape her cubicle walls, she is looking forward to moving to Manila and working in political risk analysis. And of course, she will make it her mission to try all the chicken adobo the Philippines has to offer.

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Dylan Okabe-Jawdat

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Columbia University '17
Major in History and Political Science
Hometown: New York, NY

Having lived in New York City for 21 (!) of his 22 years, Dylan is thrilled to be teaching English in Chiang Mai, where he hopes to curb his coffee addiction as well as his use of sarcasm. At his mother’s request, when he arrives in Thailand he will head straight to the nearest grocery store to peruse the staple ingredients of Thai cooking and report back to her with his findings.

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Langley Oudemans

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Rutgers University '17
Major in Environmental Policy, Institutions and Behaviors
Hometown: Hammonton, NJ

Ever since Langley was a young girl living in the woods, she has had a deep love of the natural world. She enjoys going on outdoor adventures, making art projects, and listening to classic rock. New Jersey is the only place she has ever called home, but she is excited to spread her love of science to the other side of the globe in Phang Nga, Thailand.

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Julian Peterson

Khon Kaen University, Thailand

University of Washington ‘14
Major in English Language and Literature
Hometown: Seattle, WA

Julian enjoys going to concerts, eating pizza and cleaning out his inbox. He works at an elementary school in Seattle, where he can often be found reading Dr. Seuss to 1st grad- ers. He’ll be heading to Khon Kaen this year, keeping a few Dr. Seuss hardbacks in his backpack to read and share. He’ll be teaching English and doing his best to learn Thai at Khon Kaen University.

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Jake Poepping

Vientiane, Laos

University of Wisconsin-Madison '16
Major in Biology & African Studies
Hometown: Long Lake, MN

Jake is a bioluminescence enthusiast currently based in Tanzania, who somehow found his way into a state of perpetual fellaoship. Next year, you’ll most likely find him jamming out to bongo flava while floating down the Mekong. He might teach a little English as well, but not enough that his students start making fun of his last name.

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Francis Policastri

Singapore, Singapore

Rutgers University '17
Major in English & Psychology
Hometown: Kensington, MD

When Frank was 6, he won the part of St. George in a reenactment of St. George and the Dragon at the Maryland Renaissance Festival by huzzahing the loudest. He's spent every waking moment since trying to relive that fantasy. He currently tilts at windmills in New Brunswick, NJ, the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in the galaxy. If Frank were a Disney princess, he would be Rapunzel.

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Kalea Power

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Princeton University '17
Major in Slavic Languages and Literatures
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Kalea enjoys reading Dostoevsky and doing ballet. You can often catch her Skyping with her host family in St. Petersburg or her dog, Scoobie. She is thrilled to be moving to Almaty, where she'll be teaching English and learning the Kazakh ways of language, culture, and food.

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