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Chika Mora

Beijing, China

Boston University ‘17
Major in International Relations
Hometown: Columbus, OH

She’ll leave you hankerin’ for Mora.

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Casey Morrison

Nonghet, Laos

Elon University '16
Major in Public Health Studies
Hometown: Berne, NY

In addition to convincing people that rural New York is not an oxymoron, Casey's hobbies include climbing trees, sharing food, not wearing shoes, and tricking people into thinking she's an extrovert. If you don't like long conversations, avoid mentioning geography, social justice, wildlife biology, refugees, linguistics, or the Asian continent in her presence. Casey hopes you will her for being hope-Laos at puns.

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Eliza Mott

Luang Prabang, Laos

Princeton University '16
Major in History of Art
Hometown: Could ride a Razor scooter from my childhood home to Maggie Dillon's childhood home in like 6 minutes.

Interests: shopping at Yensabai, khao piak races with Steph Kim, and scamming it up in Luang Prabang with Jessica Arce and Sam Stroup. Follow me on insta: @reallybadfakes #linkinbio

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Peter Moyer

Taichung, Taiwan

Temple University '17
Major in Early Childhood Education
Home Town: Versailles, France

Peter grew up in the country of baguettes, wine and snobs. Self-identifying as one of the latter himself, he enjoys the finer things in life such as fried bugs on a stick, warm Sapporo, and greasy Taiwanese chicken.
Well versed in international communication, he looks forward to using an elaborate sign language involving excessive pointing and awkward laughs, to navigate the fascinating city of Taichung.

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Kanoa Mulling

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Princeton University '15
Major in English
Hometown: Homewood, IL

It's year 2, and Kanoa is still Mulling over the deep questions in life, like whether he's more of a Frodo or a Merry.

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Jordana Narin

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Columbia University '17
Major in Creative Writing
Hometown: Englewood, NJ

Jordana may look like Julia Louis-Dreyfus, but she isn't as funny (though she is a certified clown and makes a mean balloon animal). She often writes with caps-lock on and uses lots of exclamation points. While she's sad about her impending long-distance relationship with Shake Shack's shroomburger, she's PSYCHED for a hot and sweaty year of reporting in Colombo!!!!!

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Jessica Nelson

Nan, Thailand

Princeton University '15
Major in Anthropology
Hometown: Long Island, NY

Quirky, ambitious, and a free spirit, Jessica is always up for an adventure. With a passion for kids, the violin, Whitney Houston karaoke, dog mushing and sailing, Jess loves learning and new experiences. After 4 months living in the Middle East as a private tutor, she is eagerly awaiting the opportunity to continue her adventures abroad in the beautiful and culturally rich land of Thailand.

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Meghana Nerurkar

Macau, Macao S.A.R., China

American University '16
Major in International Studies
Hometown: Wayne, NJ

Meghana loves to talk politics, literature, South Asian-American identity and more over a meal that she cooked for friends. She can often be found hiking or crying her way through some extra spicy hotpot. Always looking forward to the next adventure, she's thrilled to be spending a year teaching at the University of Macau.

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Mica O'Brien

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Princeton University '17
Major in History
Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Small but mighty, Mica is ready to take Chiang Mai by storm. When she’s not reading Reductress.com or listening to Beyonce’s Lemonade, you can find her playing Bananagrams, eating popcorn, and dancing around. Mica is really going to miss her cat Olive while she is away, but is so excited to get to know the kids at Prince Royal’s College. Aside from teaching, she is extremely excited to invest in her first pair of Tevas before heading to Thailand.

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Lily O'Connell

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

University of Pennsylvania ‘15
Major in Diplomatic History and Minor in Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Radnor, PA

If you ever can’t find Lily, start by looking in the Smithsonian Zoo. She lives among the tigers because she is FIERCE.
Lily currently works in public affairs in DC, where she enjoys the refined pleasures of urban beekeeping, kickin’ it to latin beats, and bottomless sushi specials (disclaimer: 2 truths, 1 lie). “Lili”, as affectionately dubbed by her colleagues, is ready to communicate, assimilate, and soak up the city’s killer café culture in her upcoming post in HCMC.

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