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Linda Liu

Shihezi, China

Princeton University '17
Major in Economics
Hometown: Omaha, NE

A good story is enough to make her CORN-tent. She enjoys h-EAR-ing new languages and instruments and has a remar-COB-ly long list of each that she plans to start on while living in a far CORN-er of China next year. Favorite foods: tomatoes, mushrooms, and (a-MAIZE-ingly) corn.

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Socorro (Soqui) Lopez

Vientiane, Laos

George Washington University '15
Major in Environmental Studies
Hometown: Roatan, Honduras

Soqui currently lives in DC, works for a family planning partnership, and is regularly reminded of her lack of upper arm strength in her weekly yoga class. In her spare time, she's been learning how to compost and case manage for an abortion fund in the district. She looks forward to working on public health in Laos for the next year.

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Kelly Luc

Tokyo, Japan

Brown University '17
Major in Public Health and Visual Arts

Kelly Luc is enamored by bullet journals, blue beaches, and blasé overuses of alliteration. Most days, she is busy having strong opinions about boba and googling* words in an attempt to appear clever. Despite her fascinating flair for mispronunciation, Kelly enjoys waxing psuedo-poetics and bequeathing pet names and other hypocorisms*. Kelly is filled with a vibrant (and verbose) love of Tokyo, and looks forward to valiantly teaching English to tots of many ages.

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Stephanie Martinez

Penang, Malaysia

Macalester College '17
Major in Geography
Hometown: Locust Grove, VA

Coming from a town in rural Virginia where there is said to be more cows than people, Stephanie is known for talking to animals. The fact that she's a vegetarian, and goes to a small liberal arts school in Minnesota may have also influenced her quirky habit of naming objects that she owns. When she's not posting about cute puppy videos, or rambling about her current anime series that she is watching, Stephanie enjoys listening to live music, dancing, and making art with her close friends.

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Nicole Marvin

Nan, Thailand

Princeton University '17
Major in Computer Science
Hometown: Pawling, NY

Nicole enjoys outdoor adventuring no matter the weather and is a distance runner at heart. In her natural habitat, she can be found making pterodactyl noises and discussing the evolutionary wonders of the animal world.

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Will Mason

Shihezi, China

Washington and Lee University '17
Major in Economics and Philosophy
Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA

I like being outside, playing music, and long walks on the beach. I love helping kids of all ages learn things. I am terrible at tennis but I have a pretty sweet collection of trucker hats.

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Leland Merrill

Tokyo, Japan

Kalamazoo College '17
Major in Sociology
Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI

Hello! My name is Leland Merrill and in a few months I'll be leaving to work for Ashinaga in Tokyo, Japan.
Some fun things to know about me; I love Jeopardy, being in the kitchen, Michigan craft beers, and birds (all of them). I almost went to school for interior design, but decided my sophomore year to pursue sociology, which has lead me to wanting to go for a master's in social work. Additionally, if you're familiar with the quaint little fish town (a town known for its smoked fish) of Leland, Michigan, then you are familiar with where my name comes from!

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Ryan Miller

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Princeton University '17
Major in Operations Research and Financial Engineering
Hometown: Los Alamitos, CA

Ryan enjoys backpacking, optimization, and Avatar: the Last Airbender. He's passionate about language teaching and outdoor education, and he's super excited to be working in Chiang Mai next year!!

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Michelle Min

Jishou, China

Princeton University '20
Major: Undecided
Hometown: Fullerton, CA

Michelle is excited to step outside her comfort zone this summer, as a traveler, teacher, introvert, and consumer of spicy food. She is interested in languages and culture and learning people’s stories.

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Maia Moog

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Skidmore College '14
Major in Neuroscience
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

She's Moogalicious.

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