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Ellen Rubinstein

Kurashiki, Japan
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Lisa Sangoi

Jishou, China

In Jishou, Lisa looks forward to continuing a literary magazine and an eye health awareness program past PIAers worked on. During her spare time, Lisa likes to sleep, play the violin, cook, read the news paper, take pictures, and dance to rocksteady reaggae. She would like to thank everyone who is making her Jishou experience possible. She also encourages everyone to vist her in rural China. Holla.

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Sara Schapiro

Hanoi, Vietnam

Sara Schapiro is originally from Baltimore, MD and graduated from Duke in 2003 where she was a Comparative Area Studies and Spanish literature major.  For the past two years, Sara has been living in a tiny New York apartment and spending her days writing back cover copy and rejecting perfectly good manuscripts as an editorial assistant at Simon & Schuster.  Some of the more exciting titles Sara has worked on include Ruminations on Twentysomething Life and the ever popular, Feet First: A Guide to Foot Reflexology.  So now you understand why she’s eager for a change.  One of the things she loves best about living in New York is getting out and sampling all of the culinary delights the city has to offer.  She hopes to continue this eating tour when she gets to Asia, though she doesn’t plan on sampling scorpion anytime soon.

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Brent Scharschmidt

Fellow of the Fortnight

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Brent Scharschmidt is an English major from Princeton University. He sweats in warm weather and when eating spicy food, and wonders what the combination of the two next year will do to his dress shirts and self-esteem. Before going to Thailand he will spend the summer at home in San Francisco studying Thai, roadtripping around the Southwest with his friends, and trying to dream up the perfect lesson plan. He’s pysched beyond words to be going to Asia.

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Amy Seng

Singapore, Singapore

Pia 2nd Year
Also cannot, lah.

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Angela Sherwood

Dili, Timor-Leste

Pia 2nd Year Angela Sherwood:
Silence is golden.

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Laura Smith

Fellow of the Fortnight

Rach Gia, Vietnam

Writing her thesis on a fault in Mongolia (think San Andreas in California) first got Laura thinking about spending more time in Asia.  Having majored in geological engineering she is used to being cold up in the mountains looking at rocks and felt that a change to flat and warm might be necessary (at least to realize how spoiled she was and to not grow complacent about mountains). Not to worry though, working on a tall ship solidified her love of the water and Rach Gia is right on the Gulf of Thailand.  She hopes that her teaching skills learned in training and teaching others about wilderness first aid and the outdoors will somehow translate into a classroom full of verbs and tenses.

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Teresa Soroka

Bangkok, Thailand

Tess Soroka likes to wear pearls and can’t wait to get some major bargain shopping done in Asia , but she also likes to make hemp necklaces and certainly isn’t going to be one freaking out about squat toilets and bugs that aren’t supposed to be in her food.  Princeton University has recently been her most permanent home, but she was born in Scotland and grew up in Washington State, Australia, and Japan.  She’s going to miss going to indie rock concerts, but she can’t wait to meet new people, take pictures of exciting places and things, learn Asian cooking and eat all the tropical fruit she loves.

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Morgan Strecker

Bangkok, Thailand

Morgan Strecker studied at Davidson College and completed a B.A. in Political Science.  After teaching hormonal sixth grade students for a year in Washington DC, she opted for graduate school at Teachers College, Columbia University (no she is not a professional teacher!) and earned her degree in International Educational Development. After a second round of applications to law school and yet again applications for another masters degree, she chose the much more exciting path of the non-profit world with hopes of learning a new language, feeling lost (and sick) for lengthy periods of time, embracing farang as her new name, and engaging in contagious laughter.

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Karen Tuddenham

Kunming, China

Pleads the Fifth.

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