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Jenny Lah

Beijing, China

Jenny majored in History and Political Economy at the University of California, Berkeley.  She has been working at UNIFEM for the last two years.  She enjoys long walks on the beach and candlelit dinners.  Her last name does not rhyme with Blah.

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David Lau

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

David Lau is a graduating senior at Yale University majoring in Literature and Sociology. Born in Taipei, where he picked up a love for large tapioca balls in tea, he has been peripatetic since, with the majority of his time spent in the Chicago area. At Yale, he wrote book reviews, gave tours at the Yale Center for British Art, and took a semester hiatus in Seville, Spain. Apart from eating/drinking tapioca balls, he enjoys, in the spirit of PIA, watching films by Wong Kar-Wai and reading books by Haruki Murakami.

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Evan Lestelle

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Pia 2nd Year Evan Lestelle was at CFAU - China Foreign Affairs U. - in Beijing, next year he’ll be at Coudert Brothers in Hong Kong as a legal assistant. English major at Duke with minors in History and Chinese. From Metairie, Louisiana, suburb of New Orleans. In his free time he enjoys reading books, playing sports like soccer and basketball (though the latter is currently causing me much pain), working on Chinese, hiking, and fishing.
Favorite writer: Shakespeare.
Favorite composer: Chopin.
Favorite US president: George Washington.
Favorite dish: Grandma’s crawfish bisque.

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Matthew Losch

Fellow of the Fortnight

Chiang Rai, Thailand

As a former Princeton economics major, Matt Losch will be flying out to Thailand 2 days after graduation.Originally from Stamford, CT, he’s looking forward to going somewhere with warm weather, friendly people, good climbing, and great travel.
Maybe you’ll even meet him and let him crash on your couch at some point.

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Will MacNamara

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Will graduated from Princeton in ‘05 and comes from Dallas, Texas. While his love of China is rooted in the quiet lanes of Beijing and guttural Mandarin, he hopes to figure out the roaring metropolis of Hong Kong quickly. Anyone visiting Hong Kong for whatever reason -- layover, dim sum needs, Mercedes Benz needs, architectural enthusiasm, gang affiliation -- is welcome to crash wherever he ends up. By that time he will have found the cheapest possible beer in the entire Special Autonomous Region.

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Katherine Maglione

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Katharine Maglione  was a psychology major at Princeton. Originally from Syracuse, New York, much of Katharine’s time was devoted to ice hockey. Similarly, at PiA orientation 2005 much of Katharine’s time was devoted to making fun of Vince for his popped-collar, pastel polo collection. Katharine’s fellow Chaing Mai PiA’ers are getting her pumped to start the experience of a lifetime. The real Katharine, or Mags as she is know to her buddies, is a straight talking, no fooling, firecracker.  There is nothing subtle about Mags.  Be forewarned, she has a tendency to blurt out shocking statements at the most inappropriate times.  Juliana Bennison ‘05 deserves all the credit (or blame) for this wonderful Katharine Maglione description.

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Sarah Mankes

Yakage, Japan

Pia 2nd Year Sarah Mankes is currently living in Yakage, Japan; between trips to the local 100 yen store, she manages to teach English at seven different elementary schools in town.  She went to the Gallatin “Crazy Hippies” School of Individualized Study at New York University, where her concentration was foreign languages, TESOL, and a comparative analysis of New York City nightlife establishments.  She spends her time in Japan mangling the Japanese language on a daily basis, taste-testing different brands of green tea ice cream, and astonishing children with the size of her feet.

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Vanda Mittal

Singapore, Singapore

PiA 2nd Year requested to write blueb.
Cannot, lah.

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Sarah Morgenstern

Dalian, China

Sarah Morgenstern, from Shaker Heights, Ohio, is a history major at Yale University whose experience to date with China consists mainly of lecture notes, romanticized fiction, and her grandparents’ stories.  She is looking forward to studying intensive Mandarin at Middlebury this summer, and is already well on her way to fluency with “ni hao” and “zai jian” safely under her belt.  At Yale, she wrote an American studies paper on blues singer Bonnie Raitt and feminism in the 1970s for her senior history thesis.  She spent a semester abroad gesticulating wildly in Buenos Aires and has worked in Baltimore, NYC, and London. She loves going new places/meeting new people, and is deeply excited and honored to be participating in the Princeton-in-Asia program.

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Abbi Muchison

Nan, Thailand

Abigail Elizabeth Murchison leaves Princeton as a happy English major,well schooled in the art of crafting long and meanderingly meaningless sentences about how language is insufficient to represent the intricacies of the human experience.  Yawn.  Born and raised in Lexington, Virginia, she thinks she will be well suited to the pace Northern Thailand will provide.  She is not quite sure how her PiA adventure will affect her current coffee addiction but is definitely ready to leave behind, at least temporarily, the consumerist culture of the American lifestyle.  She is the middle child and attributes her perpetually purple knees to long childhood hours spent playing hand-soccer on the rug with her brothers.  She thinks her boyfriend only approved of her going to Asia because his mother and her Thailand destination share the same name: Nan. Looking forward to one heck of year!

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