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Patrick Douglas

Fellow of the Fortnight

Beijing, China

Pia 2nd Year Patrick Douglass spent the last year in China teaching at the Wuhan University of Technology and will spend next year teaching at the Foreign Affairs University in Beijing.  He was born and raised in Washington, D.C. (yes, actually in D.C.) and attended Cornell University where he pursued two completely unrelated majors: Government and Film.  After graduating, he moved to New York City where he dabbled in journalism and law before quickly losing interest and flying to Wuhan.  Since coming to China he has kept himself occupied studying the language, playing majiang and coining useless new terms like “chullet”, which means Chinese mullet.

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Jonathan Edelson

Can Tho, Vietnam
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Aaron Ellerbee

Yakage, Japan

PiA 2nd Year Fellow and Children's Entertainment Specialist
Aliai: Aaron-sensei, Melon-sensei, Bob Sapp
Assignment: Yakage, Japan

Grade: 0-K
SN: Classified
Primary Specialty: Hokey Pokey
Secondary Specialty: making funny faces
Tertiary Specialty: headstands
Birthplace: New York, New York

Aaron-sensei graduated college with a degree in "making stuff"; his skill with a roll of duct-tape comes in handy when he's helping the kids build a virtual cardboard-and-plastic-bottle zoo. Riding half-an-hour to and from school (uphill, both ways) is no challenge for 'Sensei.  He always gets to school with a smile on his face and a funny hat in his hand. When it's ENGLISH TIME!!!! there's no telling just how much fun you'll have.  "People say that the children are our future; if that's the case, the future of Yakage couldn't be in better hands."
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Tyler Fox

Wuhan, China

Tyler Fox decided last week that it would be a good idea to spend a year in Wuhan teaching english.  He decided yesterday that it would be a good idea to pick up the Chinese language along the way.  His degree from the biology department at  the University of Virginia (2004) landed him a position at Okemo Mountain resort in Vermont, where he taught people of all ages the Way (how to snowboard), but not before he spent a month aboard a research ship diving with the crew of the Alvin DSV.  Tyler enjoys a life of consistency, as well as music, ethnic foods, and envigorating activities.  His future course likely involves finding a new axe (bicycle) and founding the school of Wuhan One-Speed Freestyle Cycling.

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Christi Gambill

Hangzhou, China

Christi Gambill finds her placing quite ironic. As an undergraduate at Ohio University, the Magazine Journalism major learned lots of things, but how to hook up a Super Nintendo in less than 30 minutes was not one of them. Coming from the small town of Franklin, Ohio, Gambill offers valuable skills in the trapping and skinning of small animals, but lacks in areas such as bike riding and calculating multiples of seven. She enjoys falafel, hates peppers and is looking forward to fulfilling her life goal of being cast on Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

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Amy Gedal

Shenyang, China

Pia 2nd Year Amy Gedal is now living in Shenyang, China and teaching the eager students of Northeastern University the wonders of Oral English and Art History.  She graduated from Cornell in 2002 and worked for two years in New York and DC before heading to China.  Amy has always felt right at home in Shenyang, possibly because despite her Eastern European heritage the Chinese often mistake her for one of their own.  After her two year stint in China is up, Amy hopes to return to school for a Masters in international public health.

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Heather Gilmartin

Dalian, China

Heather speaks absolutey no Chinese , and is looking forward to being hit by the brick wall that is summer-semester intensive Mandarin before leaving for Dalian in August. A history major at Princeton, she studied abroad in Japan during her junior year and looks forward to returning to Asia. Originally from Atlanta, Heather loves horses and karate, and her dog Daisy. She just earned her second black belt at the end of April and plans to continue training in China.

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Leo Han

Gwangju, South Korea

Leo Han enjoys Family Guy and actively contributing to groups such as “People Against Popped Collars,” while listening to the Beatles. If he had actually written a blurb, we wouldn’t have had to resort to thefacebook.com for his profile where he claims to be liberal and unemployed (Leo, you ARE working in Korea!)

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Ian Hanks

Fellow of the Fortnight

Shanghai, China

Ian Hanks originally from Austin, TX is an east Asian Studies major from Wesleyan. During his freshman year he had a short stint in the massage business. He took a semester off during his sophomore year to try out mediation at the San Francisco Zen Center, and to connect with his roots in Edinburgh, Scotland. Upon his return he randomly decided to learn Chinese, and then managed to learn enough about investing to score his upcoming job in Shanghai. He’ll be living there with his super witty gilfriend and fellow PIA-er Carmen Cheung. The two plan to have an extra room in their apartment to lure visitors.

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Will Hines

Penang, Malaysia

Will Hines was an English Literature major at Trinity College, but failed to write the great American novel during his tenure. Fortunately, he had some success with poetry and got to tour the state of Connecticut on a poetry circuit, where he befriended a thirty-five year old senior who was declared legally insane by the state of California in 1995. He is originally from Nashville, TN and has had four dogs, all named by his father and all named after deceased actresses. He is excited about the beaches, low rent, and spirited games of badminton.

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