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Lauren Adamson

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

University of Kansas '17
Major in Economics and Political Science
Hometown: Leawood, Kansas

Lauren is an avid fan of all types of puzzles, anything cheese-flavored, and Survivor. Having grown up in the "Paris of the Plains" where she was primarily focused on school, Irish dance, and a failed Olympic tennis career, she briefly spent time studying and learning to make (eat) macarons in the real Paris. Lauren is excited to once again follow the yellow brick road to her teaching position in Ulaanbaatar!

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Katya Alexeeva

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Princeton University '15
Major in Public and International Affairs
Hometown: Cheboksary, Russia

Katya hails from Russia, so she prides herself on her intimidation skills and dry existential sense of humor. She is excited to stay in Chiang Mai for another year to finish the "cats vs dogs" argument with the local coffee shop owner. Katya enjoys board games and making a fool out of herself in her free time.

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Christine Anderson

Khon Kaen, Thailand

University of Puget Sound '15
Majors in Biology and Theatre Arts
Hometown: Sandy, OR

Christine is a native to the Pacific Northwest and currently lives off of coffee and precious sunny days in Seattle, WA. She's obsessed with food, theater, and anything nature-related, and is ready to return to Thailand for an infinite supply of sun and pad Thai.

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Jessica Arce

Luang Prabang, Laos

Temple University '13
Major in Film & Media Arts
Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Itty bitty thang that identifies as 3/4 loaf, 1/4 jawn (if you understand me then we are meant to be.) Catch me rolling around this pretty little Lao town with an ice cream cone in hand, blasting gogo music, and running scams with co-fellow Eliza Mott.

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Brian Bartholomew

Beijing, China

University of North Carolina '16
Major in Economics and Politics
Hometown: Eldersburg, MD

Although Beijing’s famous skies lead many to focus on their lungs, Brian’s attention is on his stomach, which he is preparing for the strict diet of street chuanr that will last through the first month, at least, probably. This isn’t his first trip to the Bei area, and after learning about how current PiA fellows have made the most of their time in Beijing, he is determined to develop his own fulfilling side hustle. In dark times, Brian takes solace in the fact that “fried rice” and “transcendent” are approximate homonyms in Chinese.

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Anna Bauman

Jishou, China

Tulane University '17
Major in Political Science and Social Policy
Hometown: Jacksonville, FL

After spending the last 4 years below sea level in New Orleans, Anna is excited to move to the mountainous Hunan Province. Her favorite mode of transportation is walking and she'll go for miles through cities, parks or forests. If you need to find her when she is on one of these walks, your first guesses should be an art museum, food cart or soccer field. After that, head for the hills.

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Reed Benoit

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Lewis & Clark College '15
Major in International Affairs
Hometown: Arcata, CA

My name is Reed, I dress in tweed,
My favorite leed? The singer from Creed!
Be sure to heed as I pass your steed!

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Bailey Binke

Nan, Thailand

University of Michigan-Residential College
Major in Anthropology and French
Hometown: East Lansing, MI

Baily has spent the past year corralling children while speaking English peppered with Thai in green and beautiful Nan, Thailand. She highly encourages everyone to come visit this hidden gem in the mountains. She is an amateur tour guide and a great hugger so your visit is bound to be great. Bailey loves  good coffee, great beer, talking to people and petting animals. Maybe one day she can incorporate these hobbies into a dream career, but, in the meantime, she is happy as a clam to call Nan home.

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Kaylin Blount

Jishou, China

Princeton University '16
Major in English
Hometown: Richmond, VA

Kaylin is excited to get to spend another year in Jishou with the best students around. Also topping the list of things she's excited about: finally learning that baozi recipe, getting wupped by her kids at cards and majiang, completing a basketball tournament without breaking a finger, and eating all the spicy food all the time.

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Claire Bond

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

University of Southern California '17
Major in International Relations, Minor in French
Hometown: Redmond, WA

Claire is a native of Washington State, where she cheers on the Seahawks and manages to make the rain a daily topic of conversation. In her spare time, Claire enjoys reading about 20th century history, watching tennis and (American) football, and making desserts. She is excited to move to Mongolia to work with students at a K-12 school, and so she can finally win when people complain about how cold it is where they're from.

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