YuJung Kim

January 22, 2007

Having mastered such eloquent Singlishisms as "blur" (confused), "chur" (teacher -- illusions of being called Professor Kim long gone), and "So how?" (What do you want to do?), YuJung is practically indistinguishable from the local crowd these days. A more marked distinction may be called for, however, as colleagues and cafeteria workers ("You cannot sit at the staff table, you must leave immediately!") alike regularly mistake her for a student. YuJung recently completed her first semester at Ngee Ann Polytechnic as lecturer and head of the Spanish program, during which time she helped restructure the curriculum for Spanish, introduced a case study approach to her Creativity course, and assisted in the publication of a cultural intelligence survey. Outside the office, YuJung can be seen and heard put-putting her way through beginner's Mandarin, greedily pursuing destinations on her travel wish list, doing the U.S. proud by ordering double portions of food at every meal, and indulging taxi drivers' need to dissect the latest Korean soap operas with a real-live Korean. YuJung extends her thanks to PiA for bringing her to this air-conditioned, more-than-meets-the-eye island she now calls home.

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