Teddy Moynihan

March 22, 2007

Teddy Moynihan is currently two Shakespeare term-papers away from the end of his PIA post, but fortunately it could be weeks before he sees those papers.  Teddy has spent the last couple months guiding a group of 14 students through their experience of plays they never thought they’d understand.  Going so far as faking bronchitis in order to prompt his students to lead class discussions, Teddy has challenged his students to understand that their interpretation of literature is as valid and valuable as anyone else’s.  At first reluctant to believe this, they have since exceeded even his highest expectations with their entirely new interpretations.  Incredibly academic term papers on King Lear’s psychological need for power, and comparisons between Julius Caesar and the ousted Thai prime minister have shown the students that not only can they read Shakespeare’s plays, they can think, speak, and write critically about them as well.  When he is not being floored by his students’ “Aha moments,” Teddy enjoys—what else?—motorcycling the race track roads of Northern Thailand.  One of Teddy’s greatest honors as an aspiring teacher came today, when a student asked for a letter of recommendation for a masters program in international development.  He’ll write it as soon as she hands in her term paper. 

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