Sam Grant

July 10, 2009

Those who doubted whether the Navaho Flute would be a huge hit in Mongolia need only glance at the record turnout for Sam's first live collaboration with Batjargal, the horse riding harmonica man from Hustai.

When not traversing the grassy steppe in his semi camouflage green suit searching for new musical talent, Sam can be found at his "day job" in Ulaanbaatar providing banking services, of the micro variety, from the prestigious institution, XacBank. Sam arrived at XacBank ten months ago, amid soaring commodity prices and rising alarm over what would become the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression. Friends at Wall Street jokingly expressed disapproval when Sam departed the states saying, "Good luck securitizing a herd of camels and all those silly circular tents."  Little did they know a few months later they would be faxing their resumes to Sam's desks pleading for employment, while they gathered up the tattered remains of the investment accounts they entrusted to a friend named Bernie.

Sam has been working closely with XacBank to create the first green lending program in Mongolia. The bank will use its extensive network of credit officers to promote energy saving products and increase the public's environmental awareness.

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