Lilach Shafir

March 22, 2007

Lilach heard Shakira’s song “Timor” and she wanted nothing more than to live in the country that the hit song played homage to.  She was eager as ever – and was even the first 2006 PiAer to leave for her post last May…and perhaps one of the last to arrive on the ground in country, due to civil unrest (but she loved backpacking around SE Asia and taking advantage of the PiA couch policy before she even began her post).  Lilach finally touched down in Timor in July and she has been working at the Government Information Office ever since.  In the office, Lilach is both challenged and rewarded daily, by training Timorese civil servants in communications and outreach.  Lilach just helped her Timorese colleagues produce the country’s first ever textbook in “Communication Basics,” in both English and the local language, Tetun. Out of the office, Lilach takes advantage of the amazing scuba diving minutes from her front door, hangs out with some pretty special Timorese kids, jogs through the hills, and teaches pilates classes (and donates all profits back locally).  Some don’t even bother learning her name, they simply refer to Lilach as “the girl who teaches Pilates.”  Lilach doesn’t mind too much…she just shrugs it off and says, “Hey, just because we’re building democracy, doesn’t mean we can’t have great abs...”

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