Julianne Greco

July 25, 2013

Where are you – and what are you doing – on your PiA fellowship?

Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Teaching English at Atma Jaya University

What activities do you do in your spare time?

  • Fitness: running, swimming, step aerobics
  • Hanging with friends in the street and jamming out to rock and reggae (ironically I was never a fan before living in Jogja, but reggae is huge in Indonesia and people really like to sit in the street and play music outside of convenience stores like Circle K)
  • Reading
  • Studying languages
  • Chilling at cafes (especially bubble tea places)

What is the most significant thing you’ve learned during your time on PiA?

Never say maybe (actually that’s taken from the Marlboro ads all over the city). How about "santai"? That means "relax." 

What has been your most embarrassing moment in Asia? (So far … there will be more! ☺)

Walking through a Javanese kampung wedding 3-5 times per day for two days this summer, because in June I lived on the end of the block and there was no other way from the main road to my house. I literally had to walk right through the main festivities every time I wanted in or out of the house. There were basically no other foreigners in this area, so I was attracting a lot of attention by walking smack dab through the middle of the tent. Especially awkward when people were in the middle of speeches …

What do you miss the most from home?

Family and friends. Sandwiches, mac and cheese, bagels, Mexican, bacon cheeseburgers, pizza with thick crust, turkey, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream, cheesecake that doesn’t taste like Kraft singles. Ski season.

On the flip side, I can say I’ve made some great friends here and I love Indonesian food. No substitutes for ski season, but beaches aren’t too bad of an alternative.

What do you miss the least from home?

Cold weather, and prices (especially gas prices).

What do you hope to do after your PiA fellowship?

Ha, avoiding this question for another year because I renewed my contract!

Please write an original haiku on the PiA-related topic of your choice.

This one captures some beach vacation time:

Santai di pantai
Minum bintang sama coke
Monggo, tersenyum :-)

I prefer the original version, but here’s a shot at translating:

Relax on the beach
Drinking bintang and cola
Go ahead, please smile :-) 

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