Juliana Bennison

July 22, 2005

Juliana has had an exciting year in the Philippines. Through her work with Save the Children she has had the opportunity to see more of the country than many Filipinos see in a lifetime visiting 18 different islands and a total of almost 30 different provinces. She has interviewed former spear divers who have given up hunting whale sharks for eco-tourism; runaway, out of school youths who are now studying on their own and passing the high school equivalency exam; parents who, through their children, are experiencing the benefits of education for the first time; and teachers who have not seen their salaries in months but refuse to give up teaching.  She has learned much about Philippine culture attending two funerals, two weddings and countless birthdays. She has had a wide range of culinary escapades from street food to sea food delights.  She has made one TV début and one magazine appearance.  Moved and inspired by what she has seen and experienced in the Philippines this past year, Juliana is looking forward to learning more and embarking on new adventures in her second year. 

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