Grace Wright

March 22, 2007

India is not Tennessee, nor New Jersey.  Those differences now make the life of Graceoh so captivating, chaotic, and Delhi-tastic. Dabbling around in international travel for the first time in college,Grace had confidence in her ability to beat off all obstacles and worry withthe smile for which she is known.  EnterIndia.  No matter how many Fine Balances,or Midnight’s Childrens she read, Grace could not have prevented the whack ofstray dogs, open sewers, and “fog and dust” India gave her over these past fourmonths. At work each day at the Naz Foundation, an HIV/AIDS advocacy, care, andsupport NGO, she is rewarded with screams of delight from the children in theorphanage even as the newsletters, sponsor updates, and grant proposals startto stack up.  The attitude and smiles ofchildren in situations that tend to crush adults continually impresses her aswell as overwhelm her with constant their enthusiasm, loud singing, andrepeated viewings of Shrek 2.  While notwriting reports, playing with children, going on business trips, and collectingreceipts, she enjoys cooking on a little gas stove in the basement of a NewDelhi building, knitting herself sweaters, making yogurt, and listening towonderful NPR podcasts.

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