Darcy Bradley

June 22, 2007

Darcy, currently operating under the student-assignedpseudonym of Teacher Dao – meaning star in Thai, which she is fairly confidentrefers to her altitude as opposed to anything potentially glamorous – is livinglarge (she teaches 6-13 year olds) and singing and dancing her way throughelementary school life in southern Thailand. Her time in Bangsak has taught herthat small children are amphetamine driven comedians, a yellow shirt worn onthe right day can get you far, resilience can stop even a tsunami from breakinga community’s spirits, and fish sauce is a bad idea. Whether encouraging hertiny students to greet her with a “what’s up” and replace their goodbye waveswith a “peace out” or traipsing through boat yards and waterfalls with a groupof Thai Buddhist, Thai Muslim, Moken, and Burmese kids as part of her work withInSIGHT Out!, a local photography and storytelling training project formarginalized and segregated youth, Darcy is finding that life in Thailand suitsher well…. so long as they remember to hold the fish sauce.

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