Chris Shay

February 22, 2008

Having graduated with a degree in cultural anthropology, Christopherm had only one skill: relative fluency in the English language. He is currently putting this to use at his post at Shue Yan University in Hong Kong. He grew up in Portland, Oregon where he learned to love hiking, photography, and good food. Christopher just came back from a short jaunt to Macau, where he tripled his money playing baccarat, but then preceded to spend it-predictably-on hiking, photography, and good food. In Macau, he also stumbled into the middle of movie set. Keep your eye out for a puzzled tourist wearing a PiA shirt in the background of a big-budget French movie (supposedly) set in Brazil.

Today he stared at the postcard view from his bedroom on the 26th floor and sipped his puer tea. He realized that most anything he could possibly want in the entire world was only an efficient mass transit ride away. Then, he remembered that he still had 150 papers to grade.

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