Beth Morrissey

December 10, 2009

Despite the warnings at PiA orientation not to spend too much time on the internet, Beth finds herself updating Twitter and Facebook every day.  She can't help it; its part of her job.  She's working with the ABS-CBN News team to integrate new media and citizen journalism into their coverage of the upcoming presidential elections.  The goal is to equip every voter with the means to report election-related fraud and corruption to the media via email, social networking sites, and text messages.   But new media Pinoy-style extends well beyond the virtual realm, and Beth is learning how Filipinos turn online socializing into warm-bodied rallies.  Election time is still months away, but the citizen journalism movement is taking off, which means Beth might just be a small part of what could turn into a game-changing movement when ballots are cast in May 2010.

When she isn't sewing the seeds of citizen journalism, Beth is filing stories for ABS-CBN's ANC News Channel.  So far she's covered a barista competition, a theatre opening, and an installation art exhibit that used computers to grow plants.

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