Ari Wolfe

July 22, 2005

After completing graduate study in history and education, Ari decided that the most logical course of action was to move halfway across the world to a country he knew nothing about. The bustling hamlet of Guangzhou (population: 10-13 million, depending on who you ask) was the destination and he has spent the past 7 months teaching English and American History to a group of ridiculously smart Chinese high school students. After getting accustomed to the polluted air and the old women who box you out getting on to the bus, Ari has set about learning the four tones and becoming functional in Mandarin - no small task given the ubiquity of Cantonese. Outside the classroom, he has accidentally found his way on to a basketball team and a soccer team, both of which include coworkers who like to joke about his language ineptitudes. Ari has enjoyed China so much that he has signed on for a second year and invites everyone to read about his adventures online at ttp://

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