Anya Cherneff

October 22, 2005

Anya Cherneff - the first PiA Fellow to be medevaced out of one country into another in 108 years.  After completing a year teaching English at the University Sains Malasyia in Penang, Anya set off for a sunkissed holiday in Bali that ended a little green (see photo) when a kink in her small intestines was formed.  As Bali's surgeons were in Java helping in the aftermath of the earthquake, Anya was medevaced to Singapore with the help of the PiA Network.  "So first and foremost please note that I am a) O.K., b) not dead, c) going to be just fine...I've resigned to the fact that so goes the life of Anya, intrepid traveler, irresponsible island hopper and ever present hospital patient with an indestructable character screaming out loud over her weaker physical structure. As in the picture, I have a tube down my nose that is sucking out the contents of my stomach (mostly in the form of nasty green slime) into a bag mmmmm!!!!! I am now in the process of coming home, resting, and recovering with my tail between my legs sad to say goodbye (for now) to the area of the world that I love."

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