Alyson Chun

September 10, 2009

Alyson arrived in Beijing in October 2009, just after the People’s Republic of China celebrated its 60th Anniversary.  During the first two months of her time in China, Alyson attended language classes to brush the rust off her Mandarin, while working part-time with Beijing-based non-profit, the JUMP! Foundation, and adjusting to the fast-paced metropolitan lifestyle of Beijing.  Upon completion of her language courses, Alyson began work as a full-time employee at JUMP!. 

At JUMP!, Alyson holds the proud title of “Program Developer,” a deceptive position that actually encompasses a little bit of all responsibilities throughout JUMP!.  Daily activities include: designing new and innovative experiential education programs, testing her language abilities by running various office errands (does anyone know how to say ‘laminate’ in Chinese?!), facilitating leadership training programs, managing public relations, and writing newsletters – all the while trying to keep the tenants of experiential learning at the forefront of her life.  When she’s not busy in the office, Alyson enjoys exploring the wondrous variety of Chinese cuisine, practicing Mandarin in taxis, and playing Ultimate Frisbee (take that for a vocabulary builder!).

Alyson will be working with JUMP! throughout the summer, and is looking forward to discovering how she can stay involved with the JUMP! community for years to come! 

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