Kassi Chappell & Anh Nguyen

Award Year: 

Thanks to the generosity of a Carriebright Committee member, Kassi (Japan '12-'14) and Anh (Japan '11-'12) have been awarded a small grant to launch a cultural cross-classroom letter exchange program. In the summer between her two years of teaching kindergarten and elementary school classes in Chiba through PiA, Kassi would volunteer at an elementary summer school in Cary, Illinois. After sharing stories with the American kids about students in Japan, and then returning to Chiba to teach, Kassi thought it would be a fun idea if students could write letters to each other. Enlisting the help of Anh Nguyen (Chiba '11-'12), together they came up with the Dear Friends project: a cultural letter exchange program that helps students of participating schools create handwritten letters to students in other countries. The purpose of the program is to create a platform for students to practice their English and to learn about their peers in other countries. Keeping it in the PiA family, Kassi and Anh also plan to connect classrooms of PiAers across the region! 

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