Glenn Brown & Lizzie Presser

Award Year: 

Glenn ('09-'10) and Lizzie ('10-'11) were both PiA fellows at Khon Kaen University in the Isaan region of Northeastern Thailand.

Through the platform of their online news journal, which was published in both English and Thai, Glenn and Lizzie aimed to thoroughly report on the successes and struggles of four under-covered Northeastern grassroots movements surrounding land rights, dams, mines, and agriculture, and educate Thai villagers and activists in the skills and tools associated with independent journalism. To that end, they regularly covered breaking news stories in connection with Isaan’s social and political movements, as well as produced long form community profiles to better describe the place in which those news stories unfold, with the ultimate goal of encouraging a shift in the Thai media’s focus to include the dramatically under-covered Northeastern region.

From Glenn and Lizzie:

Neither of us had any inkling that we would end up Carrie Gordon fellows. But as our teaching jobs were starting to wrap up, we were looking for ways to get involved in Khon Kaen, Thailand, outside of the classroom. The English language newspapers weren't asking the questions that we wanted answered about Khon Kaen's political divisions or development boom, so we thought we'd give it a try. We had no former experience as journalists, but lots of curiosity and few reservations about charging headlong into remote villages with a notepad and a translator. We were lucky to find partners in each other, a network of support, and people across the region who had a lot to say. The Carrie Gordon Fellowship gave us an enormous amount of freedom to explore and make The Isaan Record exactly what we wanted it to be -- a regionally recognized, bilingual news website.

Glenn and Lizzie ran The Isaan Record from February 2011 until May 2012 and, with additional funding from the Foreign Correspondents' Club of Thailand, hired a replacement editor, who finished her term in 2013.

Email Lizzie at to learn more about the Carriebright application process and her experience.

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