Omri .

August 22, 2006

After teaching at Temasek Poly in Singapore 96-97, I came back to the US for grad school and dot-comming in SF, then moved to NY and started working in finance in '02. Since then, I met Manami Kamikawa (also ex-PiA), and the short story is that we're getting married in December, but before that, we're moving to Tokyo, since I got a job at Lehman Bros out there. Currently I'm between jobs, enjoying the end of NY, and getting psyched for being back in asia. I think PiA has convinced me that living in a foreign country is an important thing, and that it's not such a wild idea at all. It's interesting, the feeling of wanting to be "over there", it's not rooted in the way you feel when you're a tourist, looking for weird stuff to brag to friends back home about. At this point, I want Asia to continue to be a part of my sense of self, and I'm convinced that if you really want that, you have to be committed to it, enough so that you'll work your whole life plan around it. I think that conviction is something I could never have gotten without PiA, and in that respect it really is a life-changing program.

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