Lisa Sangoi

August 22, 2006

Lisa Sangoi spent the past year in Jishou, Hunan Province, China as a staff member at Jishou Teachers College. Jishou is a wondrous little city where colorful night food stalls go strong until two a.m. and "My Heart Will Go On" blasts from the local supermarkets' speakers. Jishou is part of the 80% of China, that hasn't scrambled forward to astonishing economic progress.  Jishou Teachers College's copy room looks like an old style printing press and the local tailors still use 1950's sewing machines.  As a staff member of Jishou Teachers College, Lisa teaches several different classes of forty students or more.  The class conditions are modest and teaching materials are non-existent.  During her time in Jishou, Lisa has worked on community service projects such as an eye health care program, student scholarship program, summer English immersion program, and extra curricular activities such as the hiking club and literary magazine. She spent her free time learning Chinese, practicing at the local pool hall (where she never dominated), collecting audio and visual footage from the area, scouting out local temples, and spending time with the dear friends she made there. During the coming year, Lisa plans to continue her Asian jaunt in Hunan's capital city, Changsha.  By the end of her second year in China, she hopes to have mastered Mandarin Chinese, become a infamous pool shark, and have put together a cohesive documentary piece that reflects her general interest in the region.  Lisa Sangoi has some snaps posted at

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