Edgar Chen

October 22, 2006

Edgar Chen, a 1997 PIA fellow at KIMEP in Kazakhstan, returned last August from a stint in The Hague as the legal liaison to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) and the Coalition for the International Justice (CIJ). The bulk of his work included sitting next to Milosevic for most of his trial while analyzing evidentiary, legal, and political developments and working with journalists to understand what’s going on at the ICTY as well as writing columns about the trial. When the appeal of wooden shoes wore off, he returned to CIJ’s Washington office to work on a Sudan war crimes related project, including mapping out a chronology of events in Darfur and tracking how money is funneled through Sudanese oil and agriculture sectors to continue human rights abuses. But all of that was too boring for Edgar. He is now in the US Department of Justice Office of Special Investigations tracking down war criminals residing in the US. If they only knew what we know about Edgar’s time in KZ!

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