Candace Jackson

March 22, 2006

When Candace returned from Thailand in 2002, she begrudgingly endured the cabin fever that comes from staying in the States for three consecutive years after an unforgettable residence in three foreign countries during the course of two years.  Fortunately, she kept busy by (a) starting law school and (b) maintaining her Thai by surprising unsuspecting waiters and waitresses in Thai restaurants across America.  Candace graduated from Yale Law School in 2005, and currently serves as a law clerk to a federal district court judge in Chicago.  This fall, she will begin clerking for a federal judge on the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond (VA).  Candace longs to get back "out there," but admittedly loves her States-side job and, thus, settles for satisfying her curiosity about the world (for now) through short-term vacations and visits.  Most recently, she took a post-bar trip to Brazil, where the music never stopped (pictured).

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