Korea Shouting!

Andrew Siddons
Sunday, May 16, 2010
The World Cup is taken seriously in Seoul...

The World Cup is taken seriously in Seoul. Despite torrential rain, hundreds of thousands of fans took to the streets for South Korea’s 2-0 match against Greece.

Even more people made it out for the Taegeuk Warriors’ match against Argentina. After starting with an inauspicious own-goal, South Korea lost 1:4. From my vantage point in the JoongAng Daily newsroom, it was not a pretty sight. Helping edit the final story, there were only so many synonyms for “slaughter” we could come up with.

But after the match, our sportswriter and I went toward Seoul Plaza, where earlier masses of fans had congregated.

Some were still there, and as they cheered, it seemed like they had already forgotten their loss. Ready for the next match or not, they lived up to one of the Red Devils fan boosters’ claim to fame, and kept on shouting.

-Andrew Siddons, Korea ‘09

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