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Stephen Kelly

Dili, Timor-Leste

Bowdoin College ’17
Major in Religion
Hometown: San Francisco, CA

Stephen loves learning about other cultures and overcoming his own preconceptions. He’s very grateful for the opportunity to work with Fundasaun Mahein and is currently trying to learn everything he can about Timor-Leste.

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Judy Kim

Dalian, China

University of Pittsburgh '14
Major in Spanish and Minor in Chinese
Hometown: Media, PA

Just a small town girl keeping up with a busy, busy world. When she's not traveling across the state or country for work, Judy can be found editing photos, spiking volleyballs, skimming through Groupon for a sweet deal, leading a local campus ministry, looking for new snacks at Trader Joe's, or struggling to write calligraphy. Lately, she can't decide if she's more of a coffee person or a tea person.

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Justin Kong

Yangon, Myanmar

University of California, Berkeley '15
Major in Public Health and Minor in Public Policy
Hometown: Diamond Bar, CA

Justin cannot wait to go back to Southeast Asia and see the sunrise over the temples of Bagan, Myanmar once again! As a natural explorer and community-centered individual, he believes that the first step to world peace begins with sharing good food. You can catch him wandering night markets looking for quick snacks or having deep conversations about social justice while kayaking on Inle Lake. Justin is excited to make new friends and embark on this next adventure!

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Emily Kraeck

Nan, Thailand

Princeton University '17
Major in History and Gender and Sexuality Studies
Hometown: Yardley, PA

Emily loves her cat, most cats, and other good company. She also enjoys live music and well-curated playlists; pickles, olives, and her job at an ice cream shop; Phillies baseball and New Yorker cartoons; and movies that induce both tears and laughter, e.g. Up. Adventure is out there!!!

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Jamie Lam

Beijing, China

University of California, Davis '17
Major in Sustainable Environmental Design
Hometown: Fremont, CA

Jamie recycles her one fun fact about the conception of her name (a portmanteau of her parents') during icebreakers and is tragically talented at being Californian (talking about urban agriculture, gentrification, and compost excessively.) She is never wrong about an avocado's ripeness and will be happy to share her knowledge for couch surfing privileges.

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Michelle Laws

Dili, Timor-Leste

Texas A&M '14
Aalborg University '17
Major in Development and International Relations
Hometown: Red Oak, TX

Michelle is a Judo/Crossfit/Sports of any kind enthusiast who enjoys daydreaming about world peace and chatting about identity politics a creamy stout in hand. She currently works as number cruncher at the National Peace Corps Association while finishing her thesis on the Mexico City Policy. She can't wait to scooter her way through the muddy streets of Dili to meet friends on the beach after work for a cocktail or three.

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SummerBrook Lawson

Shanghai, China

University of South Carolina '17
Major in Political Science and Chinese Studies
Hometown: Hickory, NC

My sense of humor is drier than the Gobi desert. If I was ever on a trivia game show I would win the grand prize because of my tendency to recite extraneous fun facts. My favorite part about traveling is trying new food and attempting to talk to people in their native accent to see if they can figure out my charade. So I am exultant to master the Shanghainese dialect. I am also beyond prepared to overuse the phrase, 'Catch me out in Shanghai, how bout' dat!'

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An Lanh Le

Jishou, China

Princeton '20
Major in History
Hometown: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Her name is An Lanh, directly translated into 安平. She grew up in Vietnam, went to high school in Singapore and is currently living in the States – so she basically spends lots of time learning new songs and sports and slangs ( and is still pretty uncomfortable with calling football soccer). In her free time at Princeton, she likes walking either alone or with a friend, thinking about the sun, the Chinese and Vietnamese food she could never find in America, and what she would do with a history degree.

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Jack Lentz

Can Tho, Vietnam

Furman University '14
Major in Economics
Hometown: Hudson, OH

Jack enjoys long saunters over rivers, through the woods, and up mountains. He escaped from The Matrix (of cubicles) in Atlanta and now works at a boarding school in Asheville, North Carolina. But he Can'T(ho) ignore the itch to keep exploring and is stoked to live and teach in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam.

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Noah Lerner

Beijing, China

Amherst College '16
Major in Biology and Asian Languages and Civilizations
Hometown: Newton Highlands, MA

This may be his second year in Beijing, but he's still not done Lerner-ing.

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