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Alexandria Herr

Phang Nga, Thailand

Princeton University '17
Major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Minor in Applications of Computing
Hometown: Edina, MN

Very excited to eat some spicy food, learn some Thai, and try and impart some knowledge of English. Sabai Sabai!!

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Rose Hinman

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Columbia University '16
Major in Russian Language and Literature
Hometowns: Engelwood Cliffs, NJ and Falls Church, VA

In order to survive the harsh Central Asian winter last year, Rose knit herself into a woolen burrito. She looks forward to improving some of the specs this year for Woolen Burrito 2.0.

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Christopher Hoogstraten

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Haverford College '17
Major in English
Hometown: Bethesda, MD

Chris enjoys getting lost on walks and over-interpreting bad movies. He has intermittently endearing weaknesses for wordplay and bad dancing, and fears he may prove susceptible to karaoke. After a childhood in the East Coast suburbs, he's ready to be more-or-less constantly flustered while in Thailand, where he'll teach English and try to shoot above 75% with remembering his family's birthdays.

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Nina Houston

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Rollins College '16
Major in International Relations
Hometown: Orlando, FL

Straight from the +44 to the 407 to the +852. Nina's in the House-ton.

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Joe Hu

Yakage, Japan

Emory University '16
Major in Economics and East Asian Studies
Hometown: Twinsburg, OH

Joe wants to be the first man on Mars, but still thinks Earth is a pretty cool planet. Joe has lived in 4 states and 4 countries, and is stoked to add Yakage and Japan to the mix! In Japan, Joe hopes to put his economic skills to good use to maximize sticker budget allocation, master mochi-pounding, and try ever Kit Kat flavor. Joe is an avid jazz pianist, although contrary to the slang "cool cat", prefers dogs.

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Bridget Jacques

Phang Nga, Thailand

Princeton University '17
Major in History
Hometown: Strangford, Northern Ireland

Bridget spends far too much time messing around in boats, but uses the rest of her time to contemplate what type of dog she is going to get when she grows up. Having spent four years trying to get her American friends to understand her Irish accent, she is looking forward to even bigger challenges in Thailand (but hopefully she will learn some Thai so it will not be too bad).

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Shefali Jain

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Princeton University '17
Major in Economics
Hometown: Parsippany, NJ

Though Shefali will miss the great state of New Jersey, which she has called home for the last 22 years, she is beyond excited to explore Mongolia. Shefali hopes she won't be too cold in UB to consume the copious amounts of ice cream she is used to eating on a regular basis.

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Janny Jang

Almaty, Kazakhstan

American University '16
Major in International Relations
Hometown: Irvine, CA

Janny enjoys watching documentaries that highlight local voices within international development projects, and playing basketball. She lives in DC and works with the best age group in a public middle school. She is excited to learn from students and engage with the community in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

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Emily Kamen

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Princeton University '17
Major in Art History
Hometown: South Orange, NJ

Emily spends most of her time at Princeton looking at art, gardening, teaching yoga, hiking, biking, and petting other people's dogs. Sometimes she also studies. It's finally Thai-m for her to leave the Garden State (NJ) and move to Chiang Mai, where she'll teach English and hopefully find some new animals to hang out with.

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Miriam Kelberg

Phang Nga, Thailand

University of Wisconsin-Madison '17
Major in Political Science and Gender & Women's Studies
Hometown: St. Paul, MN

Miriam is a tea queen and lover of pop and hip hop music. She's worked with a sexual health organization for 3 years, so in some spaces at University of Wisconsin she's known warmly as "that condom girl." She's now frantically learning Thai and is excited for her next move to Phang Nga.

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