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Galen Erickson

Vientiane, Laos

University of Southern California '17
Major in International Relations
Hometown: Knoxville, TN

Galen loves adventure, whether it be climbing mountains or exploring a new city. He's lived in a USC fraternity house for three years and is looking forward to trading the omnipresent smell of stale beer for the sights and sounds of Vientiane. While in Laos he will be helping to support the Lao Rugby mission and hopes to learn what a ruck is.

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Larry Evans

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Tufts University '17
Major in English
Hometown: Boise, ID

Larry is fond of not-too-hot, not-too-cold tea and musing over inanimate objects. When he's not working for a literary agent in his spare time, he wanders through the suburb streets north of Cambridge and Boston. He's excited to move to Ulaanbaatar where he'll teach English and hike in the high steppes.

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Patrick Farrell

Yangon, Myanmar

University of Pittsburgh '15
Major in Economics, Political Science, and Chinese
Hometown: Summerfield, NC

Pat is mainly going to Myanmar to learn how to paddle a boat using only one leg, to complement his only current talent (clapping with one hand). Aside from that, he is excited to learn how, precisely, a writing system made up entirely of nearly identical circles works. He is pretty confident his Burmese days will go better than Flory's.

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Joe Gayeski

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

University of Edinburgh '15
Major in International Relations
Hometown: Cheshire, CT

For Joe, twelve months of pork'n'rice and chili-salt mangos just wasn't enough. He's signed on for Year 2 to keep up his work with NDI's election observation team, all while honing his Khmer chops and welcoming new and visiting PiA fellows to the Kingdom. If there's an ultimate frisbee tournament in your city, he'll probably ask about your couch.

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Donald Gayou

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

George Washington University '16
Major in International Affairs
Hometown: St. Louis, MO

A regular Don Juan, the kind of Gayou'd like to take home to mama.

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Mallory Graves

Bangkok, Thailand

Sewanee: The University of the South '16
Major in Environment & Sustainability
Hometown: Nashville, TN

Three broken bones (so far) but no food poisoning (yet), so who’s really winning?

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Shannon Griffin

Shanghai, China

Bates College ’16
Major in Chinese & Psychology
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Shannon has enjoyed navigating life in the suburbs of Shanghai. When she’s not trying to avoid going insane from trying to remain dairy and gluten free in China (yes, this is no way to live – but it’s not by choice), she’s attempting to find a balance between playing “good cop” and “bad cop” when working with her students. Shannon enjoys running and quoting Harvey Specter from Suits – but don’t worry it’s just a bluff, she’s a kind person.

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Kathryn Gunderson

Beijing, China

Harvard University '17
Major in English
Hometown: Seaford, NY

Originally from Lawn Guyland, New York, Kathryn is an avid creative writer and Instagram aficionado. When she isn't forecasting the end of the world in her dystopian novels, you can probably find her boring friends with useless trivia about airlines and airports. After four years studying at "that school in Boston," Kathryn is unbelievably excited to be PiA's first Flourish fellow and spend next year getting lost in the Middle Kingdom on her quest to find the perfect Peking duck.

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Pei En Hao

Wuhan, China

University of Michigan '17
Major in Biochemistry and English
Hometown: Troy, MI

Pei enjoys explaining his "interesting" choice in majors to people and pretending to know what he plans to do in the future. Currently, he lives in Ann Arbor while researching at a chemistry lab on the UM campus. He looks forward to moving to Wuhan and spending his free time at PC cafes and punk bars—also maybe getting into Wuhan's trap music scene.

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Nicholas Henderson

Shanghai, China

Franklin and Marshall College ’17
Major in Government and Chinese
Hometown: Rock Hill, SC

Nick was a football player for both schools he attended (Presbyterian College, and then Franklin and Marshall), played guitar in a bar in Yun’nan, firmly believes breakfast is the best meal of the day, and dreams of climbing the tallest summit on each of the seven continents. He isn’t sold on any one career path but is excited to get back to Shanghai, and teach some kids while further developing his Chinese language.

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