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Brittney Woodrum

Yangon, Myanmar
University of Kentucky ‘15
Major in Arts Administration and Hispanic Studies
Hometown: Winchester, KY
In her spare time, Brittney enjoys roller blading, napping, and experimenting with delicious recipes that never taste as good as they looked on PinterestTM. She is also an avid arts advocate (and clearly pro-status at alliteration). Currently, she is working as a teaching assistant in Zapopan, Mexico, but is super crazy stoked to start her work with the Dhamma Moli just outside of Yangon, Myanmar.
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Jason Yu

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Princeton University ‘16
Major in Economics
Hometown: Walnut Creek, California (#burbs)
Jason is excited to teach English to high schoolers in Chiang Mai and hopes that by the time he moves there, he will have learned the Thai words for food, drink, and bathroom. Jason loves to swim, run, and do outdoorsy things so please join him and be friends.
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Aily Zhang

Beijing, China
Yale University ‘15
Major in Environmental Studies
Hometown: San Francisco, CA
Originally from San Francisco, Aily is now based in the Beij for a second year at NRDC Beijing. Outside of her environ- mental law advocacy work with her host organization, she also runs bilingual workshops for Smart Air across Northern China. While not giving talks on health interventions for air pollution, Aily can be found with her nose in a book, chow- ing down at a jiaoziguanr, and going on runs (to compensate for pigging out on tons of vegetarian dumplings).


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Forest Abbott-Lum

Beijing, China
Bennington College '15 
Majors in Chinese and Environmental Studies
Hometown: Kailua, Hawaii 
Forest is absolutely stoked to be doing environmental work where it feels most urgent, in smoggy Beijing. Still in persuit of the Chinese Dream, she will be looking to travel as far west as possible within Chinese borders when she isn't busy struggling over legal translations. Come crash on her couch ANYTIME. 
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Louis Albertini

Almaty, Kazakhstan
University of Michigan '13
Majors in Russian East European Studies and International Studies
Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Louis has been called "the homie" for the last five year. He hopes to continue on that success in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Having spent the past year or so in the contract furniture industry (space matters!) Louis is looking forward to reengaging with the Kazakh culture, the Russian language, and impromptu escapades to Medeu. 
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Alyssa Atain

Yangon, Myanmar
Princeton University '13
Major in Politics
Hometown: Hawthorne, California
In 2013, Alyssa was one of the fellows who jumped on a plane less than a week after graduation (andher family would say she hasn't slowed down since). For her first post, she traveled to Satree Secondary School in the beautiful, tranquil and welcoming town that is Phangnga, Thailand. As she writes this, she is 3/4 or the way through her second post in the hills of northern Laos PDR. She has loved wearing a Lao sinh and learning funny Lao phrases that make her sound like a local. Her older brother recently reminded her that before she started PiA, she only liked lettuce, tomato and mayo on her burgers, but her palette has definitely matured after repeatedly eating cricket, ant larvae, chicken eggs with little fetuses inside and other wild things in Lao PDR. If you're traveling to Myanmar, you can definitely sleep on her couchor floor in Yangon. She can't wait to hear about your amazing adventures across Asia!!!
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Erin Baier

Nan, Thailand
Stockton College of New Jersey '14
Major in Speech Pathology and Audiology
Hometown: Jackson, New Jersey
After spending a year substitute teaching in the suburbs of New Jersey, Erin is super excited to be teaching in Asia next year! Erin is an aspiring dog owner, speech therapist, and world traveler. She plans on tackling the world first and has set her sights on Nan Thailand. She looks forward to learning Thai, commuting to work on a a bicycle, and eating lots of delicious food. Erin can't wait to meet her students and explore Thailand and the rest of Asia!
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Taylor Bain

Khon Kaen, Thailand
Birmingham-Southern College '15
Majors in History and Asian Studies
Hometown: Birmingham, Alabama
Taylor can't wait to chow down on some spicy green papaya in Khon Kaen, Thailand. He loves scuba diving and makes a great dive buddy (hint, hint). Seriously ya'll who wants to see a whale shark at Richelieu Rock? Hit me up. An Asian history/religion/philosophy nerd, he is always down to explore a temple of historic site. More than anything, Taylor is looking forward to learning with the students at KKU and is so excited for all this year holds in store!
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Meghan Duarte-Silva Barry

Bangsak, Thailand
Princeton University '15
Majors in Civil Engineering and Architecture
Hometown: Princeton, New Jersey

"I'm making short term goals, wonder where foes just put away the leathers and put ice on the gold chilly with enough bail money to free a big Willy high stakes, I got more at stake than Philly"

-Meghan Duarta-Silva Where-Did My Blurb Barry-Go (or Jay-Z??)

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Rachael Barton

Singapore, Singapore
Whitman College '15
Major in Biology
Hometown: Clackamas, Oregon
Rachael hails from a small suburb outside of Portland and can almost always be found with trace amounts of caffeine in her bloodstream. She is passionate about building pillow forts and petting every dog she encounters. As a PiA fellows, she is looking forward to teaching biology at Ngee Ann, and of course exploring new cultures (not the bacterial ones)!
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