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Zoe Toledo

Changsha, China
Princeton University ‘18
Major in Architecture
Hometown: Logan, UT.
Zoë adores smiles, deep belly laughter and anything that involves sweet things, like ice cream and pie. She enjoys watching movies with her family, who she loves dearly. Zoë is thrilled for the opportunity to live, eat and learn new things this summer in China.
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Julia Van Raalte

Kathmandu, Nepal
Colorado College ‘14
Major: History / Political Science
Hometown: Stowe, VT.
Julia could not be more excited to spend the next year in Ne- pal doing some of the things she loves most - conservation work, speaking Nepali, and exploring more mountains! Via mountain bike, skis, yak, you name it. Julia is thrilled to re- turn to Nepal, though she really hopes not to get fleas from a baby pet monkey this time around - unless it’s really cute!
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Abhi Veerina

Penang, Malaysia
Northwestern University ‘16
Major in Religion, Health & Medicine
Hometown: Los Altos Hills, CA

Abhi makes a killer scone, has a goober of a golden retriever named Teddy (short for Teduardo), and can be moved to tears by beautiful music. When he’s not drinking cappuc- cinos, you can find him editing film, looking for scintillat- ing socks to up his sock game, and learning new languages (Bahasa Malaysia is next). He is absolutely stoked to get ac- customed to the diversity of life in “The Pearl of the Orient”.

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Corinne Wallace

Macau, Macao S.A.R., China
Duke University ‘16
Major in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Chinese), History
Hometown: Sterling Heights, MI
Corinne spends most of her time performing, whether in musicals, dance shows, or the company of her friends. Corinne is excited to bring this enthusiasm to the University of Macau, where she will teaching English and enjoying an unhealthy amount of egg tarts.
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Annie Wang

Beijing, China
Georgetown University ‘16
Major in Government
Hometown: Russellville, AR
Annie enjoys making recipe concoctions no matter the taste. She has hopes of opening her own restaurant, but will have to care more about the taste of her concoctions to make it big. One day she will own a puppy but for now it’s off to China for insight into environmental law!
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Annamaria Watson

Penang, Malaysia
Pace University '16 
Major: Political Science and Economics
Hometown: New York City
Sugar, spice, and everything nice, these were the ingredients chosen to create the perfect PiA fellow. But the PiA team accidentally added an extra ingredient to the concoction- Chemical X. Thus, Annamaria was born! Using her ultra-super powers Annamaria has dedicated the next year of her life to teaching English, eating great food, and fighting the forces of evil.
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Kara Weinstein

Nan, Thailand
Northwestern University ‘16
Major in English Literature
Minors in Environmental Policy and Culture; Integrated Marketing and Communications
Hometown: Bethesda, MD
Next year, Kara will be teaching elementary school in Nan, Thailand. If her nose is not in a book, Kara can be found horseback riding, standing on her head or watching Gilmore Girls. She’s excited to eat everything in sight and document her adventures on a blog that will eventually be named.
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Rachel Weir

Shenyang, China
University of North Carolina ‘14
Major: Peace, War, and Defense/Political Science
Hometown: Charlotte, NC
Rachel enjoys good food, yoga, and traveling. She currently lives in rural Eastern North Carolina where she serves as a TFA Corps Member. She is looking forward to dumplings and trying to not die in the cold winter of Shenyang.
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Spencer Whittaker

Princeton University ‘16
Major in Public Policy and International Affairs
Hometown: Orinda, CA

Not to be confused with world-famous actor Forest Whittaker, Spencer still hopes to achieve fame by being the first fellow of this year’s cohort to be able to order sticky rice and laap in pitch-perfect Lao. He likes long walks along the Mekong, quiet fireside chats with ex-presidents, and pickled turnips.

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Hannah Wilson

Fellow of the Fortnight

Beijing, China
Washington and Lee University ‘16
Major in Art History
Hometown: Charlotte, NC

Apart from long walks on the beach and candle-lit dinners, Hannah enjoys fresh twenty-count, value-meal mcnuggets and smelling shampoo at the local cvs. Her favorite subred- dit is r/Catloaf.

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