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Katherine Pizano

Jishou, China
Princeton ‘18
Major in Molecular Biology
Kat Pizano: bringing ultimate frisbey to Jishou since 2016.
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Jasmine Pringle

Khon Kaen, Thailand
Loyola Marymount University ‘15
Major in Communication Studies
Hometown: Los Angeles, California
Jasmine’s contagious free spirit is constantly aiming to exhale positive energy into everyone she encounters. She is always open to a new journey, thrives off of the uncertainty of the future and is constantly dreaming of the unimaginable. Exploring new cultures, cuisines, art, fashion, getting lost in nature and feeding off the vibes of others is what brings joy to Jasmine. This is her 2nd Year!
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Sana Qamar

Phang Nga, Thailand
University of Florida ‘15
Major: Criminology & Law/Religion
Hometown: Ocala, FL
Sana is bubbling (yes, bubbling) with excitement to begin her PiA teaching in Phang Nga, Thailand. She is look-
ing forward to building up her spice tolerance, beautiful views, community bonding, and learning to overcome the inevitable challenges she will encounter. Sana’s ready for the Thai-me of her life!
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Andrew Reckers

Kathmandu, Nepal
Whitman College ‘16
Major in Environmental Biology
Hometown: Danville, CA
Andrew has been more or less forced to leave the US to escape the dreadful season his Oakland Athletics are about to have. Now he starts fresh, hoping to climb the ranks of the Nepal Baseball Federation. He plans to spend his free time telling local youngsters about how back in ‘82 he could hit a ball over them mountains.
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Kai Richter

Shanghai, China
Swarthmore College ‘16
Major in Linguistics & Languages
Hometown: Issaquah, WA
Kai enjoys visiting aquariums and crafting Snapchat face swaps. A native of the Seattle area and lover of the outdoors, he is determined to find a pocket of clean air somewhere in Shanghai. Kai is ecstatic to move to China and work in a secondary school where he can practice his Chinese and perfect his dad jokes.
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Maria Rose

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Vassar College ‘15
Majors: Environmental Studies / English
Hometown: Harrisonburg, VA
Though she missed Chipotle, she felt that her work and life in Chiang Mai that she so loved could overcome the desire for burritos. And now she’s a second year fellow.
Likes: jumping off things, salt, bioluminescence, 5 am light. Dislikes: unorganized email inboxes, wet socks, waking up for 5 am light.
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Rachel Rosenblatt

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Princeton University ‘16
Major: Neuroscience
Hometown: Glastonbury, CT
I love to run, whether to clear my mind or explore a new city. I often take on the mantra of ‘marathon mentality,’ ex- plaining my deliberate and steady approach to many things in my life. I love science + art + all natural beauty.
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Sophia Rosenfeld

Kathmandu, Nepal
Williams College ‘15
Major in English
Hometown: Ridgewood, NJ
Sophia Rosenfeld’s name anagrams to ‘oh no self despair’, ‘deplores fashion’, and other interesting phrases, some il- lustrative of Sophia’s character and others less so. Sophia has held a variety of positions in her post-grad year, including but not limited to: pizza dough spinner, ACT tutor, editorial assistant, freelance writer, and playground companion to small children. She’s certain that this breadth of experience will serve her well next year in Kathmandu, Nepal, where she will be teaching English and developing a high-altitude ultimate frisbee training program.
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Supriya Sadagopan

Phang Nga, Thailand

NC State University '15

Major in Biochemistry, Biology

Home Town: Raleigh, NC 

Priya is unbelievably excited to spend a year discovering her favorite (sabai)cy Thai noms, confusing Thai words, and having the Thai-me of her life ka! Here's to pad thai geckos, rain, and the best year! 

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Byron Sanborn

Bangsak, Thailand
Princeton University ‘16
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Environmental Studies
Hometowns: Hong Kong, SAR; Palo Alto, CA
Byron spent much of his youth staring at the black line on the bottom of a swimming pool at swim practice. In college, he discovered a passion for marine biology and began staring at the fish and coral (and octopuses (yes, octopuses -- not oc- topi)) on the bottom of the ocean. He will be teaching Eng- lish and swimming to kids on the coast of southern Thailand and hopefully encouraging some of the Thai youngsters to appreciate staring at fish and coral (and octopuses) too.
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