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Peter Mihalcik

Shanghai, China
Bates College ‘15
Majors in Chinese and French
Hometown: New York, New York

After dining his way from the shores of Maine to the streets of China, Pete is excited to see what Shanghai has on the menu- both literally and figuratively. Pete’s entering his 2nd Year at YK Pao, but he still keeps in humble. If you’re in Shanghai, say Hi!

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Peggy Moriarty

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Stanford University ‘14
Major in Civil Engineering
Hometown: Chicago, IL
When Peggy is not spending her time rock-climbing and enjoying the wonderful California outdoors, she is eating her weight in ice cream. Currently living in San Francisco and working in economic consulting, she is ready to head over to Ho Chi Minh City and help keep the roads safe!
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Eliza Mott

Vientiane, Laos
Princeton University ‘16
Major in Art and Archaeology
Hometown: Grosse Point, MI
Hey yo, Eliza from the Mitten,
Heading to Laos, gonna be smitten,
Kick this post off with a Luang Pra-BANG! Now let’s eat bananas like orangutans.
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Kanoa Mulling

Chiang Mai, Thailand
Princeton University ‘15
Major: English
Hometown: Homewood, IL
Kanoa generally sees the world through the lens of Lord of the Rings--though wishing he were a Gandalf, he’s probably more a Frodo or Merry. His whimsical hobbit nature has driven him to perform in and direct several plays through his school years. He also currently teaches high school English. In Thailand, he will continue with new teaching endeavors, looking to form fellowship...and to cast the ring of power into the mountain of fire.
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Dallas Nan

Bangsak, Thailand
Princeton University ‘16
Major: Chemical and Biological Engineering
Hometown: Boise, ID
Would you like a side of Dallas Nan with your garlic naan?
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Gillian Ober

Phang Nga, Thailand
Boston University ‘14
Major in English, Hispanic Language and Literature
Hometown: Colts Neck, NJ
To be resident of Phang Nga, Thailand. You will find me rid- ing the streets, sticky air blowing through my frizzy tendrils, giant Thai moths splattering onto the visor of my helmet, a sweet, rusty, moped between my legs... If you’re into trying copious amounts of new Thai food, exploring caves, waterfalls, and beaches, playing a little guitar, and swapping a funny teacher story or two, you’ve got a friend waiting for you in southern Thailand. Look for the sunburn. You won’t miss me.
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Kouta Ohyama

Jishou, China

Remember that guy running around Frist, yelling loudly in Chinese at 3 AM in the morning last weekend? Yeah, that’s Shobhit. It’s Shobhit’s dream that students in Jishou will be comfortable enough to yell English phrases in public areas late at night too. Oh, and puppies. Shobhit dreams a lot about puppies.

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Robin Palmer

Almaty, Kazakhstan
Princeton University ‘15
Major in Slavic Languages and Literature
Hometown: Leverett, MA
Things Robin has done in Kazakhstan: gotten lost on a mountain, met a Kazakh pop singer, learned to pole dance, neglected a house plant.
Things Robin has not yet done in Kazakhstan: drunk fer- mented camel’s milk.
Thus, Robin is going to stay in Kazakhstan a little bit longer.
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Chris Patacsil

Colombo, Sri Lanka
Princeton University ‘16
Major in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
He enjoys cooking and merriment as much as hobbits do. Chris is graceful in speech but not in dance. He is a loyal friend with an undying compassion for animals and the environment.
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Ivanna Patton

Hanoi, Vietnam
University: University of California, Berkeley '15
Major: Environmental Economics & Policy, Public Health
Home Town: San Diego, CA

Unable to bear the harsh winters of San Diego any longer, Ivanna knew it was time to head for a city where the coldest month of the year averages 17 degrees Celsius, or 17*1.8+32 degrees Farenheight. Ivanna does not like doing mental math. She has also tried very hard to not include any puns in her blurb, and asks you to please phogive her if one might have slipped through.
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