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Noah Lerner

Beijing, China
Amherst College ‘16
Major in Biology and Asian Languages and Civilizations
Hometown: Newton, MA
Country boy is headed to the big city. After spending four years in rural Massachusetts, Noah is off to do battle with Beijing’s air pollution, transit system, and local microbial flora. This isn’t Noah’s first rodeo -- he’s already spent over a year mastering his Chinese diet of dragon fruit and Lanzhou noodles. Come hit ya boi up if you’re looking to crash on a couch, throw back some qingdaos, and chow down on some home-cooked stir fry.
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Erwin Li

Beijing, China
Yale University ‘16
Major in Global Affairs
Hometown, San Diego, CA
Erwin’s broadly interested in U.S.-China relations and ques- tions of racial identity. He spends his days shooting hoops, reading up on theology, and indulging his noodle addiction. This fall, besides teaching a content course on international security, he’s looking forward to learning how to play mah- jong from Beijing’s senior citizens--the real OG’s.
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Bing Lin

Bangsak, Thailand
Princeton University ‘16
Major: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
Hometown: New Taipei City, Taiwan
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Jensen Lo

Tokyo, Japan
Princeton University ‘18
Major in Physics
Hometown: Ithaca, NY
Jensen Lo enjoys experiencing the great outdoors and climbing up mountains in boat shoes. Unlike most of the other PiA fellows, he is still a sophomore, and doesn’t really know how real life is supposed to work. He’s ready to spend another wonderful and adventurous summer in Japan.
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Jose Lopez

Jishou, China
Princeton ‘16
Major in Psychology.
Hometown: Chapel Hill, NC

Jose is 50% Polish, 50% Guatemalan, and 100% excited to graduate and become sort of an adult. His impressions of China come from looking at cartoon dragons in The Economist and sobbing to the Tong Hua music video, which is to say, he has a lot to learn. He has survived some seriously spicy dishes in Mexico and Guatemala, but not without a little more sobbing. He is really looking forward to helping his students understand English, America, Justin Bieber, and other important things in the world.
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Tony Louthan

Wuhan, China

Princeton University ‘15
Major in History
Hometown: Gainesville, Florida

Tony’s a great guy - real 2nd Year Fellow material. After a year in Shihezi, you’ll find him now in Wuhan, playing some soccer with his tie-gemenr. Though he will miss his Shihezi crew, Tony eagerly looks forward to Wuhan. He plans on growing out his mustache even further, playing majiang, and making a friend or two along the way.

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Vera Lummis

Beijing, China
Princeton University ‘18
Major in Public and International Affairs
Hometown: Hong Kong
Vera enjoys eating char siu and playing rugby. She is excited to do research on clean energy projects in Beijing this summer.
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Max Marshall

Hanoi, Vietnam
Columbia University ‘16
Major in Philosophy
Hometown: Dallas, TX
For the last three years of his life, Max Marshall had an unmistakable middle-part haircut. It wasn’t particularly lush, but it changed hues with the seasons. Now, like his lifestyle, Max’s hair part is slightly left of center. He’s stoked to purchase a dirt bike and copy edit for the official state news service of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.
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Libby McCarthy

Yangon, Myanmar
Middlebury College ‘13
Major in International Studies - East Asia/Political Science
Hometown: Wellington

There once was a gal named Lib,
who owned a wee cat Mr. Tibs,
Tibby went missing,
so she packed up her things,
And said Myanmar, I like the cut of your jib!

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Amalya Megerman

Shihezi, China
Princeton University ‘16
Major: Anthropology, Visual Arts, Chinese
Hometown: Teaneck, NJ

After developing Beijing cough in 2013, acquiring a taste for baijiu and fending off foreign lovers during Jishou Summer of Service 2014, and finding the need to learn Chinese for “anesthesia” (mázuì, should you find need for it too) when she returned to Jishou in 2015 (“No. It will be quick,” the good doctor said), she’s excited for what awaits her in Shihezi. Her parents say she was born in an egg roll factory, so she’s also hoping to trek through China until she is reunited with her true home. Companions welcome.
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