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Alvin (A.J.) Koikoi Jr

Fellow of the Fortnight

Kurashiki, Japan

Franklin and Marshall College ’16.
My major is a personal creation and a combination of Psychology, Japanese and International Studies.

I was a four year football player at Franklin and Marshall and decided to finish up with lacrosse during the last semester of my senior year. During my time at Franklin and Marshall I was involved with social justice issues and I hope to have a serious impact on this field inn the future. I was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. I watch a lot of sports, and I love spending time analyzing them, however you can certainly catch me within the theater, catching plays and musicals. My taste in activities is nearly as peculiar as my personality.

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Jigar Kothari

Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Princeton University ‘18
Major in Economics
Hometown: Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
I love hiking and nature gazing. Drop me in any part of the ocean and I will happily dive in. An adventurer and a wildlife enthusiast.
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Evan Kratzer

Beijing, China
Princeton University ‘16
Major in Public and International Affairs
Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

I’m thrilled to be hanging out with you all in Asia next year! I’m a news-junkie, lover of toasted mochi, and am looking forward to getting to as many PiA posts this year as possible. If you’re going to use your time in Asia to learn how to play go, shogi, or Chinese chess let me know! Fun fact: I have an extra bone in my spine (hence my height).

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Shobhit Kumar

Jishou, China
Princeton ‘18
Major in Public and International Affairs
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Remember that guy running around Frist, yelling loudly in Chinese at 3 AM in the morning last weekend? Yeah, that’s Shobhit. It’s Shobhit’s dream that students in Jishou will be comfortable enough to yell English phrases in public areas late at night too. Oh, and puppies. Shobhit dreams a lot about puppies.
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Jan Kwan

Chiang Mai, Thailand
University of Hawaii, Manoa ‘14
Major: Finance
Hometown: Honolulu, HI

From the most isolated landmass in the world, Jan has made his home on the mountains of Chiang Mai. Upon arrival his first move was to obtain a pair of authentic fisherman pants. Then, camera in hand he spread “Aloha” far and wide while also perching atop elephants from time to time. In addition: lots and lots of curry. If you’re in Chiang Mai, say Hi!
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Jacinda Lee

Taichung, Taiwan
Vanderbilt University ‘16
Majors: Secondary Education and English
Hometowns: Hong Kong, SAR and Shanghai, China.
When asked to share a “fun fact” during awkward social functions, Jacinda tends to panic and tell terrible jokes she memorized from the back of Laffy Taffy wrappers instead. Jacinda spent the majority of her childhood pushing through hordes of people in the Hong Kong subways, out-bargaining angry vendors in Shanghainese underground markets, and sampling colorful Kueh in Kuala Lumpur. Since then, she’s also biked her way through Copenhagen and experienced the infamous Southern food coma in Nashville. As she wraps up her time at Vanderbilt University, Jacinda looks forward to encountering more bizarre situations in Taichung, Taiwan. She feels sure her ability to push through giant crowds and bicker with street vendors will help her adjust to Taichung in some way. Whatever happens, Jacinda knows she’ll come out of this experience with lots of stories to tell.
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Yoon Jee (Jean) Lee

Jishou, China

Princeton ‘19
Major in Woodrow Wilson School

Jean Lee for the win.

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Siyu (Sue) Lei

Yangon, Myanmar
University of Missouri '16
Major: Convergence Journalism & Economics
Hometown: Zhengzhou, China.
Of the past years that Siyu has consistently traveled around the globe, she’s mastered her three rules for thriving abroad: keep a great head of hair (look is not universal, but hair is), smile whenever you don’t understand or feel awkward (it doesn’t work all the time unfortunately), and always know who to ask about what (living abroad is NEVER a one-woman job). She’s now more than ready to lift up her three three-tiered bookshelves in her Missouri apartment and move 9000 miles East to Yangon, Myanmar. If you see a 5’2” Asian girl on the plane reading Freedom from Fear, be sure to say hi!
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Noah Lerner

Beijing, China
Amherst College ‘16
Major in Biology and Asian Languages and Civilizations
Hometown: Newton, MA
Country boy is headed to the big city. After spending four years in rural Massachusetts, Noah is off to do battle with Beijing’s air pollution, transit system, and local microbial flora. This isn’t Noah’s first rodeo -- he’s already spent over a year mastering his Chinese diet of dragon fruit and Lanzhou noodles. Come hit ya boi up if you’re looking to crash on a couch, throw back some qingdaos, and chow down on some home-cooked stir fry.
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Erwin Li

Beijing, China
Yale University ‘16
Major in Global Affairs
Hometown, San Diego, CA
Erwin’s broadly interested in U.S.-China relations and ques- tions of racial identity. He spends his days shooting hoops, reading up on theology, and indulging his noodle addiction. This fall, besides teaching a content course on international security, he’s looking forward to learning how to play mah- jong from Beijing’s senior citizens--the real OG’s.
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