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Sohee Hyung

Yangon, Myanmar
Princeton University ‘16
Major in Politics and Political Economy
Hometown: Seoul, Korea/ Morogoro, Tanzania

Sohee grew up in rural areas, going back and forth between a tiny village in Tanzania and an isolated boarding school in Kenya. After having thoroughly enjoyed the spoils of the “first world problems” in the last four years (and not so much of the freezing weather!), she is ready to hop on the plane and fly over to Yangon where she will enjoy traveling around rural areas chillin’ and working with farmers. She thoroughly loves having guests over, so feel free to crash in my place if you need a place in Myanmar!

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Sohee Hyung

Jishou, China
Princeton University ‘16

Find her under “Myanmar”. Sohee’s double-dipping!

Jordan Hyunh

Macau, Macao S.A.R., China
University of Pennsylvania ‘15
Major in Urban Studies
Hometown: Houston, TX
Like Dora, Jordan is an explorer. He loves wandering through the streets of Philadelphia, hopping around the food scene in Houston, and getting lost in the mountains of Colorado. He’s thrilled to begin the next chapter of his life adventure teaching English at the University of Macau.
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Sowa Imoisili

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Northwestern University ’16
Majors in Psychology, Economics, Creative Writing
Hometown: Ellicott City, MD
Sowa enjoys laughing too loud, one-handed cartwheels and talking to strangers. She starts her days with green tea and hopes to one day bring people together for a living. Sowa is ready to head overseas to Hong Kong where she’ll share her love of words with her students and study how to make puns in Cantonese.
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Alison Itzkowitz

Chiba, Japan
Princeton University ‘15
Major in Art and Archaeology
Hometown: Bowling Green, KY

Alison has been letting hundreds of adorable Japanese children climb all over her, innocently insult her, and melt her heart for almost a year already and she doesn’t intend to stop now!

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Eric Johnson

Manila, Philippines
University of San Francisco ‘15
Major in International Studies
Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland
Eric thinks there is no time in life to be neutral.
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Austin Jordan

Tokyo, Japan
Cornell University ‘16
Major in China & Asia-Pacific Studies, minor in Math
Hometown: Belton, TX

Austin’s two favorite things are coffee and outdoor sports, and he uses his addiction to the former to fuel his passion for the latter. Some of his other interests include electronic music composition, beatnik literature, and Chinese politics. He’s enthusiastic about moving to Tokyo and finding new friends to get outdoors with.

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Lillian Kalish

Yangon, Myanmar

Vassar College ‘16
Major in Political Science
Hometown: Santa Monica, CA

Just call her Kalish-i, Queen of Dragons

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Jacob Kennedy

Khon Kaen, Thailand
University of Georgia ‘16
Major: Anthropology
Hometown: Albany, GA
I outsourced by bio to my best friend:
Literally- he loves dancing as bad as he can in very public places. Personal space boundaries are nonexistent to him but in the best possible and non creepy way. He enjoys making up sayings that typically mean something positive such as “juice train.” His friendship is unorthodox, but well worth it!
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Steph Kim

Vientiane, Laos
Princeton University ‘15
Major in Public and International Affairs
Hometown: Memphis, TN

Get ready to party with DJ SKIM in Fancy House, located in the V-T-E of L-A-O. Be there or be square. Sok dee der.

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