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Shannon Griffin

Shanghai, China
Bates College ‘16
Major in Chinese, Psychology
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
As a military brat I love exploring new places and the impressions that they leave on me. Although I’m use to military time and can quote “Top Gun” like nobody’s business, I have a soft side - Chinchillas are my favorite animal. Let’s relax, eat, and try to unpack all of Beyonce’s visual albums!
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Nick Hathaway

Beijing, China
University of Missouri ‘15
Major: Journalism
Home town: Saint Peters, MO
Hathawither, Hathaway. Hath thee any pathaways?
Whither to dither all the day, to find a path or lose the way?
Hathawither, Hathaway. Hath the withered ways of old been slayed?
Whither to dither, whither to stay?
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Kelsey Henderson

Tokyo, Japan
Princeton University ‘15
Major in East Asian Studies
Hometown: Fairfax Station, Virginia

After writing her thesis about Japanese working women, Kelsey is happy to tell you that she’s now a working woman in Japan herself. She’s been spending her days chasing after mischevious children and her nights eating as much authen- tic ramen as humanly possible. Kelsey’s PiA for life, but if you wanna see her in Asia, better stop by Tokyo this year!

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Esmeralda (Momo) Herrera

Beijing, China
Reed College ’14
Major in Linguistics
Hometown: Bronx, NY
“I got to work with some awesome kids
Build them up is what I did
But off the clock, I bust a move
I ride the groove like there’s nothing to lose.”
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Rose Hinman

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Columbia University ‘16
Major in Russian Language and Culture
Hometowns: Englewood Cliffs, NJ and Falls Church, VA

Rose has just finished her undergraduate study of Russian and Linguistics in May of 2016, and is thrilled to be ship- ping off to glorious Central Asia. She moved every two years or so growing up, and has lived in five countries prior to Ka- zakhstan. She loves languages, Soviet history, hiking, travel [hit me up for couch-surfing adventuresss!], and crafting. In order to survive the harsh Central Asian winter, Rose plans to knit herself into a woolen burrito, learn as much Kazakh as possible, and learn to love horse meat. She will emerge heartier in the spring, one with the steppe.

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Catherine Hochman

Shihezi, China
Princeton University ‘16
Major in Philosophy
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Catherine loves to play board games and eat all things chocolate. She’s super close to her younger sister, and the two enjoy sibling dates filled with Chinese take-out, ice cream, dance parties and long walks with their three dogs. Catherine has enjoyed 22 years of life in the tri-state area, but is psyched to explore the landscapes of western China next year.
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Calvin Hong

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China
University of Kentucky ’16
Major in Biochemistry
Hometown: Lexington, KY

Nominated as his service fraternity’s “Funniest Brother,” Calvin likes to explore the more comical aspects of life. To balance his whimsical nature, Calvin currently works in a re- search lab synthesizing new compounds for transistor usage. His passion for learning is not limited to only the sciences; he embraces the liberal arts as well. With his PiA fellowship, Calvin is ecstatic to shape young minds and instill in them the same passion for learning that he has.

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Nina Houston

Almaty, Kazakhstan

Rollins College ‘16
Major in International Relations Hometown: Orlando, FL

Straight from the +44 to the 407 to the +7. Nina’s in the House-ton.

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Nathan Hsieh

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Duke University ‘14
Major: Mathematics
Hometown: Chapel Thrill, NC

Nathan is still finding it hard to believe that after 22 years of living and breathing North Carolina air, he’s going to the complete opposite side of the world to see just how different things can taste. He is looking forward to learning about the rich landscape of Mongolia, and how to best serve its grow- ing economy, while weighing in on natural resource issues from a financial standpoint. A bit nervy about transitioning from the warm south to 9-month winters, Nathan cannot wait to use the hashtag, #thepopsicleadventures - while road tripping the Gobi, hiking the steppes, and experiencing the wildness of Mongolia.

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Yijue (Joe) Hu

Yakage, Japan
Emory University ‘16
Major in Economics and East Asian Studies
Hometown: Twinsburg, OH

Joe wants to be the first man on Mars, but still thinks Earth is a pretty cool planet. Joe has lived in 4 states and 4 countries, and is stoked to add Yakage and Japan to the mix! In Japan, Joe hopes to put his economic skills to good use to maximize sticker budget allocation, master mochi-pounding, and try every Kit Kat flavor. Joe is an avid jazz pianist, although contrary to the slang “cool cat”, prefers dogs.

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