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Molly Ellison

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
The University of Maryland, College Park ‘16
Majors: Public Relations;Government and Politics
Hometown: Takoma Park, MD
Molly is a Washington, D.C.-area native with a serious case of wanderlust. She’s spent the past four years as a Terrapin
in the livable community of College Park, Maryland, and is stoked to fly 8,987 miles to take on Ho Chi Minh City. She’s thrilled to be putting her public relations knowledge to the international test. Molly grew up eating pho and fell in love with spicy food after spending a summer in India, so she’s counting down the days until she can explore the Vietnam- ese street-food scene.
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Celeste Endlich

Khon Kaen, Thailand
The College of Wooster ‘15
Major in Sociology
Hometown: Seattle, WA
Celeste enjoys napping in the sun and spontaneous swimming opportunities. She has spent the past year in Seattle chillin at senior centers to coordinate transportation options for the elderly.Celeste is ready to take on Thailand and build up her pathetically low spice tolerance.
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Sara Engelhard

Vientiane, Laos
University of Michigan ‘16
Major in Anthropology and International Studies
Hometown: New Fairfield, CT

Sara Engelhard is very bad at writing blurbs such as these, so she usually includes an array of various Will Ferrell quotes and hopes for the best. She currently cannot stop listening to Beyonce’s Lemonade, so she will leave you all with this: “I don’t know how to put this, but I’m kind of a big deal.”

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Jamie Fehrnstrom

Can Tho, Vietnam
Princeton University ‘16
Major: Public and International Affairs
Hometown: Orinda, CA
Feel the Fehrn.
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Carter Flaig

Jishou, China
Princeton University '19
Majoring in I Don't Know Yet
Hometown: Baltimore, MD
Carter is all about studying ancient Chinese wisdom, and may or may not be considering skipping his return flight to stay in China and become a monk. Carter is an only child, and did not watch a lot of TV growing up. However, in college he is making up for lost time; he recently powered through two seasons of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" in a single week, only crying twice.
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Julian Fox

Beijing, China
John Hopkins University ‘15
Majors in International Studies and East Asian Studies
Hometown: New York, New York
Julian is a travel enthusiast who enjoys meeting new people and exploring new places. He loves negotiating with shopkeepers and hunting down the best street food options around town. This is his second year at CFAU. If you’re in Beijing, give him a ring-a-ding-ding. Wei?
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Heather Foye

Shenyang, China

Fordham University ‘14
Major in International Studies Hometown: Port Washington, New York

Heather is Anthony Bourdain’s future wife, who grew up dreaming of teaching content classes in Northeast China, and is therefore SUPER excited to head to Shenyang. After graduating from Fordham, Heather spent two years in a 9 to 5 non-profit gig in NYC, focusing on ethics. Heather loves traveling, and is psyched to return to China after a very brief stint in college, and hopes to learn some Mandarin this time around. Heather looks forward to traipsing around Asia, making lifelong friends, eating many dumplings, and being the BOSS of her classroom at Northeastern University. She can’t wait to host all her PiA pals on her couch, but only if they’re willing to pack their karaoke A-GAME!

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Pleasant Garner

Changsha, China
Princeton University ’18
Major in Public and International Affairs, East Asian Studies
Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
Pleasant loves frisbee, smelly second-hand books, and dogs (smelly or not). She lives in NYC, where she plans to spend next fall delving into the wholesome and merry world of political campaigning. She can’t wait to spend the summer in Changsha, where she will work to preserve Chinese historic architecture and practice speaking Mandarin, a language that she’s spent many years studying but that she still feels like an oddly mature toddler when speaking.
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Gerard Gayou

Shihezi, China
George Washington University ‘16
Major in International Affairs and Chinese
Hometown: Saint Louis, MO
Gerard is a big fan of toasted ravioli (yes, it’s a thing) and the Google News App. If he had to pick one movie role to play, it would definitely be Bruce the Shark in Finding Nemo. Given that basketball is the most popular sport in China,it’s a given that Gerard will be discovering the lost art of the mid-range jumper over the summer.
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Mallory Graves

Bangkok, Thailand
Sewanee: The University of the South ‘16
Major in Sustainability and Economics
Hometown: Nashville, TN
Mallory is from Nashville, y’all, and is hoping that one of the perks of working for WWF is meeting a panda. After traveling through Central America and realizing her name in Spanish translates roughly to “terribly bad,” she is interested in learning another language. She’s never been to Asia and she’s pretty sure she exceeds the height limit so someone should check on that...
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