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Anya Cherneff

Fellow of the Fortnight

Penang, Malaysia

Anya Cherneff graduated from Columbia University with a BA in Anthropology and is also the proud owner of a shiny new certificate of completion from Columbia’s sub-par Undergraduate Writing Program. She recently finished editing fun facts about wacky Tantrics in India. She’s pierced five body parts, has one tattoo and three major scars. She’s originally from Westchester but her parents have just announced their move to the Berkshires...well, at least she still likes good music and stuff...go Yanks!

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Carmen Cheung

Shanghai, China

Carmen Cheung is a senior East Asian Studies major at Wesleyan University.  As a native of Hong Kong, she initially couldn’t stand living in Middletown, CT, because it’s so little.  But it has grown on her over the years.  To this day she still dislikes cats, even bunnies.  According to her carefree boyfriend, Ian Hanks (PiAer ‘05),it’s because “Carmen wants to be the cutest thing in the room.” She loves Japanese onsen and Icelandic hot springs. Recently, Carmen has taken interest in the stock market and secretly regrets selling her apple shares. Come visit!

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Yoonmee Cho

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Yoonmee Cho originally hails from the suburbia of New York State in a little township called Pelham.  Her immediate family consists of two loving parents, a brother whom she looks up to, and two dogs of the cuddling variety, all of whom she adores.She majored in Politics at Princeton, with a Certificate in Political Theory (still wondering herself why) and did activities such as playing cello in the University Orchestra and acting as Korean American Students Association wench for three years. She loves to read Dostoevsky and other Russian novelists, dance, laugh, smile, have late night conversations about any and everything, listen to music, philosophize and be crazy. Randomness:  If she was a color she’d be a shade of blue; a food, something spicy; a season, she’d be Fall; and an animal, she’d be a Koala bear.

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Megan Cox

Jishou, China

Megan Cox is an anthropologist with an interest in medical systems and forensic analysis. In her cultural researches, she conducted a study she titled "The History of Blood and Blood Practices in Medicine and Religion." She practices yoga regularly, though her Kung Fu is rusty- she hopes to revisit her Martial Arts studies while on assignment in China. While at N.Y.U. ('01-'05), Megan wrote a column for the school's newspaper. Unfortunately, because of the unsatisfactory aesthetics of the editorial staff, the writer was forced to kill her column in the name of good taste. Megan's latest hobbies include bicycling everywhere, fixing old cars, digital photography and old cinema. In China, she hopes to pick up some spicy cooking know-how and a few new items for her closet... and cultural appreciation, foreign language and all that stuff too.

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Steven Dale

Guangzhou, China

Steve grew up in rural North Carolina and never left the South until he studied abroad in Japan when he was 21. After graduating from UNC Chapel Hill in 2003 with a degree in Asian Studies, minor in Japanese, he can successfully count to 10, (15 on a good day,) but not higher, and never memorized those squiggly lines, whatever they were. He’s been working at UNC’s graduate library since then, not making use of his major in any way. He’s studied Chinese for the past three years, and hopes to pursue graduate school.

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Patrick Douglas

Fellow of the Fortnight

Beijing, China

Pia 2nd Year Patrick Douglass spent the last year in China teaching at the Wuhan University of Technology and will spend next year teaching at the Foreign Affairs University in Beijing.  He was born and raised in Washington, D.C. (yes, actually in D.C.) and attended Cornell University where he pursued two completely unrelated majors: Government and Film.  After graduating, he moved to New York City where he dabbled in journalism and law before quickly losing interest and flying to Wuhan.  Since coming to China he has kept himself occupied studying the language, playing majiang and coining useless new terms like “chullet”, which means Chinese mullet.

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Jonathan Edelson

Can Tho, Vietnam
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Aaron Ellerbee

Yakage, Japan

PiA 2nd Year Fellow and Children's Entertainment Specialist
Aliai: Aaron-sensei, Melon-sensei, Bob Sapp
Assignment: Yakage, Japan

Grade: 0-K
SN: Classified
Primary Specialty: Hokey Pokey
Secondary Specialty: making funny faces
Tertiary Specialty: headstands
Birthplace: New York, New York

Aaron-sensei graduated college with a degree in "making stuff"; his skill with a roll of duct-tape comes in handy when he's helping the kids build a virtual cardboard-and-plastic-bottle zoo. Riding half-an-hour to and from school (uphill, both ways) is no challenge for 'Sensei.  He always gets to school with a smile on his face and a funny hat in his hand. When it's ENGLISH TIME!!!! there's no telling just how much fun you'll have.  "People say that the children are our future; if that's the case, the future of Yakage couldn't be in better hands."
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Tyler Fox

Wuhan, China

Tyler Fox decided last week that it would be a good idea to spend a year in Wuhan teaching english.  He decided yesterday that it would be a good idea to pick up the Chinese language along the way.  His degree from the biology department at  the University of Virginia (2004) landed him a position at Okemo Mountain resort in Vermont, where he taught people of all ages the Way (how to snowboard), but not before he spent a month aboard a research ship diving with the crew of the Alvin DSV.  Tyler enjoys a life of consistency, as well as music, ethnic foods, and envigorating activities.  His future course likely involves finding a new axe (bicycle) and founding the school of Wuhan One-Speed Freestyle Cycling.

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Christi Gambill

Hangzhou, China

Christi Gambill finds her placing quite ironic. As an undergraduate at Ohio University, the Magazine Journalism major learned lots of things, but how to hook up a Super Nintendo in less than 30 minutes was not one of them. Coming from the small town of Franklin, Ohio, Gambill offers valuable skills in the trapping and skinning of small animals, but lacks in areas such as bike riding and calculating multiples of seven. She enjoys falafel, hates peppers and is looking forward to fulfilling her life goal of being cast on Most Extreme Elimination Challenge.

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