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Vicki Mui

Hangzhou, China

Vicki hails from Jersey and is damn proud of it. She studied Biochemistry and East Asian Studies at Haverford College and is currently applying her degree (not so much) in Hangzhou, China, where you can't tell the difference between her and her ZUT students. Nevertheless, she is loving the fact that everything in China is bite-sized and is always up for an adventure, so come visit!

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Animal Muppet

San Jose, United States

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Veronique Nguyen

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Veronique is excited to reconnect with her roots, eat pho, take walks along the Me Kong and barter for goods with fish sauce. She will be working with Vietnam’s leading investment bank and should be able to barter with some coin in a couple of months.

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Jeffrey Noethlich

Tokyo, Japan

Noethlich Sensei hails from the itty bitty Swedish school of Augustana College. There he attempted to earn what some people call an education, by learning about entomology, exchange rates, and En. Unfortunately, all that really transpired was that Jeffrey just became more and more confused about what he wants to do in life. However, one thing is pure hard fact; Jeff (or Mr. Omanju to his campers in Zushi) loves to work with kids and kids in Japan in particular. Utilizing his six-your old mindset, Noethlich Sensei refuses to allow children to live their lives without belting out the "Missouri Milk Song" or be able to go crazy with some "Freeze Dance." Aside from desiring to be pathetically tired at the end of the day, Jeff wishes to continue to fence, learn a tid bit of Shin Kendo, and study the mysterious ways of the Iron Chef.

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Even Pay

Fellow of the Fortnight

Kunming, China

A graduate of Carleton College, Even moved from rural South Dakota to the hamlet of Northfield, MN, finally landing in the small town of 3 million people that is Kunming, China, to work with a Chinese NGO. Her degree in International Relations makes her eminently qualified for her position translating Chinese pesticide chemistry into English. While not recreating the periodic table and defending the integrity of her non-chemically enhanced curly, blonde hair, Even gets back to her hick roots traveling around rural Yunnan and South-East Asia.

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Vanessa Pralle

Nan, Thailand

Vanessa Pralle recently graduated as an English major from Villanova University. Unlike the majority of her friends who have sold their souls to a 9-5 grind with corporate America, she’s off to an exciting year teaching English in Nan, Thailand. Pedro, her Costa Rican mutt, is accompanying her to Nan, and together they’re learning the basics off of "Learn Thai in 30 Days" CD’s while driving. Pedro aspires to become tri-lingual, while Vanessa aspires to steer clear of committing too many cultural faux-pas, which is an unlikely feat since she regularly commits them in her home country. She’s excited to meet other people with abnormal hair-growth follicles and even more psyched to call Thailand home in the next year.

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Joey Pugilsi

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Joey Puglisi hates writing in the third person, which was the only thing that made it difficult to accept his post with PiA in Khon Kaen, Thailand. For that reason, and many others, he will keep his description short, while maintaining an ever-present nod to the ominous side of life: Motor Bikes. Come visit he!--oh, well.

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Ned Russell

Bangkok, Thailand

Ned Russell completed his degree in Dec ‘05 at the George Washington University in "How can U.S. Politics Dominate the World" and Geography. Remarkably he now wants nothing to do with either U.S. foreign affairs nor the academics of geography. In his free time he likes to sit in airports and watch people go by while creating stories for each person. In Bangkok he intends to work a lot but also learn every language. He hopes to do a little bit of good while in Thailand, and volunteer some more to justify his typically "broke" status. If you ever need info on the worlds transportation network, Ned’s your man.

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Alexandra Rutherfurd

Nan, Thailand

Alexandra Rutherfurd is a recent graduate of Pitzer college who is extremely excited about being an English teacher for children in Thailand. She enjoys egg and cheese sandwiches, reading history textbooks and listening to Christmas carols. In Thailand she plans to hike a lot, stretch her language skills and do some serious thinking. Some facts that you might like to know about her are that she was born and raised in Hong Kong, moved to the States at the age of twelve, and has never owned a dog. All types of sports appeal to her as she comes from a very competitive family but due to a temperamental knee she mostly just cheers on her relatives. Alexandra, having been diagnosed with A.D.H.D as a child is hopeful that the devout buddhist community in Nan will quell her scattered nature.

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Lillian Samet

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Lily Samet just graduated from Princeton University where she majored in History, focusing on US History. She is from Baltimore, Maryland. She enjoys bike riding, ice skating and heights. In her spare time, she likes to think about China which, from what she has heard, is pretty big.

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