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Christine Malvasi

Singapore, Singapore

Chrissy Malvasi majored in Politics at Princeton and earned certificates in Spanish and Creative Writing. After having written about 275 pages of Independent Work during her time at Princeton, she is thankful to rest her tired thesis-typing fingers and embark on a new adventure. She’s held a variety of jobs, most of which have had an undeniably "South Jersey" character, such as working at a casino in Atlantic City or waitressing in a very-Jersey diner. She looks forward to a different kind of job at Ngee Ann Polytechnic University, where she will hone her teaching skills and write lots of poetry on the side.

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Katie Matlack

Hanoi, Vietnam

Katie will be pursuing her love of the environment working for IUCN in Hanoi. An avid runner, she will likely find a home on the shores of West Lake if she can take the heat.

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Lindsay Matovich

Singapore, Singapore

Lindsay is off to teach economics at Ngee Ann in Singapore. She likes to scuba dive and is really into art. Her only overseas experience was in Greece. Opa!!

Andrew Matthews

Fellow of the Fortnight

Penang, Malaysia

Andrew is currently happy. After receiving his philosophy degree, he reveled in the joys of post-thesis bliss by taking a 15-hour teacher training course to learn to teach English. He then slept. Following in the great tradition of Ben Rice Townsend, Andrew hopes to bring the funk, if considered responsible, to Malaysia as a representative of the Footnotes, an all-male a cappella group. Although his mom thinks he will get the avian flu, Andrew is taking great precautions to stay as far away from birds as possible. He looks forward to eating noodles and singing karaoke. Years later, his brother, Dave, will let Andrew crash on his couch in San Diego to take up surfing and to chilax before going to DC to meet his future wife. Andrew’s dad will approve and maybe play organ at the wedding. If you or anyone has seen Andrew, please contact PIA immediately.

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Megan McGowan

Fellow of the Fortnight

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Megan McGowan (Princeton ’06) enjoys making strangers laugh, getting lost running in the woods, and studying religion – yours, hers, and Madonna’s. She will spend the next year teaching English at Khon Kaen University, and promises that if you come visit, a dance party will ensue. She loves cilantro, despises parsley, and is fantastically amused by the irony of how similar the two look. Hailing from the mid/northern reaches of the Garden State, she hopes Jersey jokes haven’t made it to Thailand, but looks forward to trading pork roll and interstates for tuk-tuks and fruit she can’t pronounce. She frankly has no idea what she’s getting herself into, but hopes that her affinity for green tea – and the fact that she never met a karaoke bar she didn’t like – will count for something.

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Emily McWilliams

Rach Gia, Vietnam

Emily has spent the past 5 years trying to convince people that philosophy is a worthwhile thing to study. This project may have been doomed from the start, but she managed to earn an M.A. in the process (which, of course, will also be really useful…) In any case, Emily has lived in and traveled to a fair number of places, but has never even been to Asia, and can’t wait to get on the plane. Emily is also very interested in psychology and linguistics, and loves to teach and learn languages. In fact, Emily loves teaching even more than popcorn (which is a lot), and can’t wait to do it every day.

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Clare Mellet

Wuhan, China

Now just finishing up her BA in Art History from Barnard College, Columbia University, Clare is more than psyched to impart this knowledge to her students at Wuhan University of Technology, or "WUT" as she has taken to calling it. However she doesn’t think she will be discussing the "thingliness of the thing" (Heidegger) or semiotics. Regardless she is excited to take her vocabulary in Mandarin beyond "ni hao" and leave one polluted city (New York) for another (Wuhan).

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Teddy Moynihan

Fellow of the Fortnight

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Robert, wait…Teddy(?) Moynihan leaves for Chiang Mai Thailand in 22(!) days. The trip to Payap University will mark Teddy’s third trip to South East Asia (along with two weeks in Cambodia and a semester in the Philippines.) The lure of the humidity will be pulling Teddy from Villanova University, and in the course of a week he will begin the metamorphosis from English student to English Professor. Inspired by over-enthusiastic English teachers since high school, Teddy is excited to teach TEFL as well as literature courses.

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Vicki Mui

Hangzhou, China

Vicki hails from Jersey and is damn proud of it. She studied Biochemistry and East Asian Studies at Haverford College and is currently applying her degree (not so much) in Hangzhou, China, where you can't tell the difference between her and her ZUT students. Nevertheless, she is loving the fact that everything in China is bite-sized and is always up for an adventure, so come visit!

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Animal Muppet

San Jose, United States

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