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Morgan Galland

Vientiane, Laos

Morgan Galland spent four years with snow and decided that was enough. She looks forward to wearing flip-flops year-round working at the World Conservation Union in Lao PDR. While majoring in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and certificate-ing in Environmental Studies and Latin American Studies at Princeton, she studied Panamanian ecosystems, taught kids about the joys of clean water, and helped to produce shows for Discovery Channel and Tech TV. She enjoys dancing to loud music, asymmetry, and brussel sprouts and has an irrational fear of beans. Even though she chased birds around the forest and then wrote about it for her thesis, she promises to stay away from the chickens.

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Clotilde Ghiselli

Kurashiki, Japan

Her name is Clo. After living in Italy and Pennsylvania, she’s psyched to try out another continent. After graduating from an all-girls college (Bryn Mawr), she’s going to teach at an all-girls Catholic school in Japan and wonders whether she’ll ever get out of the all-girls school environment. She’s thrilled to be going to Japan. It’s a life long dream come true.

(Ms. Ghiselli was unavailable to write a blurb, so Silvio Berlusconi sent this in on her behalf. He had some extra time.)

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Julie Ginsbery

Hanoi, Vietnam

Julie Ginsberg studied at Princeton University, majoring in anthropology. After spending much of her senior year writing about teen mothers, Julie will spend next year rewriting newspaper articles translated from Vietnamese. After growing up amidst the wheat fields of Prairie Village, Kansas, Julie fears she may find herself strangely drawn to the rice paddies of Vietnam. She enjoys yoga and running at a leisurely pace and hopes she is not run over by motorbikes when she attempts to do so in Hanoi.

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Anya Glowa-Kollish

Hangzhou, China

Anya goes to Trinity College. When in Princeton, she requests to stay at the Terrace eating club, where she seems to have found a second home. She is so "honored" to be going to China on PiA this year.

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Christine Grant

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Christine Grant is a graduate of Wellesley College with a degree in Environmental Policy and Economics. She enjoys participating in endurance sports of all kinds and has determined after trying almost every type of energy bar on the planet that peppermint stick flavored Luna bars are the best. When she is not carbo-loading or participating in some sort of extreme athletic event, she enjoys making home videos, beer tasting, and creating new dance moves. Although Christine is originally from Seattle, she spent much of her childhood bumbling around Latin America with her parents and two older brothers. However far her life travels may take her from the beautiful Pacific Northwest, she believes that her full-blown caffeine addiction will always keep her in touch with her Seattle roots. Christine hopes that her time outside of the classroom will be spent exploring the hills of Northern Thailand.

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Nikola Gucic

Fellow of the Fortnight

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Nikola came to Princeton from Croatia via California. He liked Princeton so much that he took nine years to graduate. He enjoys making delicious organic meals and then eating them. Nikola is going to teach English somewhere in Asia. He is still waiting for the bubble to burst and for PiA to realize that he does not actualy speak English. In the mean time he can be found on the beaches of Bali battling post thesis stress syndrome.

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Katie Hampton

Jishou, China

Originally from Oregon, Kathryn majored in Comparative Literature at Princeton and has already forgotten both of the languages she was supposed to compare. While researching the Chinese immigrant experience in Athens over spring break, she received two marriage proposals, one because she is "so cute" and the other because "American passports are so great!" Everyone is welcome to visit Jishou next year to research her experience.

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Wes Hedden

Fellow of the Fortnight

Can Tho, Vietnam

Wesley Hedden’s interests include natural disasters, immigration, and holistic thinking. Having lived through Hurricane Katrine as a senior at Tulane, Wes feels ready to take on the flood plans of Can Tho. Already excited to head to Can Tho, his interest was only peaked when he learned of its proneness to flooding, as it will provide him an opportunity to relive his experience. He looks forward to being displaced to Rach Gia and travelling all over the Me Kong Delta.

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Leslie Hook

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Leslie Hook is a senior at Princeton University who is incredibly excited to work at the Far Eastern Economic Review next year. She speaks no Cantonese and has not really been to Hong Kong since it became part of China, so she is looking forward to getting to know the city, as well as coming up with creative ways to find an affordable place to live. Leslie was born in Conroe, Texas, and grew up in several countries, including China. Although she doesn’t have a hometown per se, her affinity for thousand-year-old eggs and warm soybean milk in the morning make Asia as likely a candidate as any. She enjoys hiking, budget travel, and having visitors, and intends to have a comfortable couch available to any PIA-ers swinging through Hong Kong.

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Ryan Ingrassia

Fellow of the Fortnight

Singapore, Singapore

PiA second year, Ryan Ingrassia, a California native, recently graduated from USC film school, and has since filled his time trudging through Carolina swampland, eating termites in the Kenyan highlands, and explaining how to "shake it like a Poloroid picture" to a group of Solomon Islanders while docked on a boat off the coast of the Philippines, all in the name of public service. He discovers all his adventures (including PiA) through delicately worded Google searches, and has a growing fetish for all things related to self-help financial guru Suze Orman (whose Google results include over 184,000 webpages!)

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