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Tarryn Chun

Taichung, Taiwan

Tarryn Chun has been flirting with China ever since she was old enough to play dress-up with her great-grandmother’s embroidered qipao. Since then she has outgrown her grandmother’s clothes, but not China. Her current favorite China-related activities include eating dumplings and watching Chinese soap operas. In June, Tarryn will graduate with a degree in East Asian Studies and then move to Taiwan for two years. She is afraid the fact that her parents barely batted an eye at this decision means that she is now an adult. Oh dear. Does that mean no more dress-up?

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Zaneta Clark

Bangkok, Thailand

When Zaneta is not preparing for her suited-up job at AIG, she’s dancing for Princeton’s self-procliamed funkiest dance group. We’re wondering why it took her so long to pass the AIG security clearance...or to write her blurb. Still waiting.

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Brian Cochran

Khao Lak, Thailand

Brian was birthed and molded along the tin can skyline of Cleveland, Ohio, where he developed his lifelong commitment to rocking and rolling. Like a sunspot, Brian is a rambunctious ball of channeled energy, and tries to legitimate his inability to sit still by calling it "performance art." Majoring in anthropology at Princeton University, Brian wrote his senior thesis on dwarfs because they’re the "next big thing," but nobody believes him. He loves kids and can’t wait to get over to Takua Pa, Thailand and "rock" the new teaching post there. Much of Takua Pa was destroyed as a result of the 2004 tsunami and many residents lost there lives, and more than anything Brian wants to bring a positive and constructive force into his school to facilitate the healing process and give these students who have experienced so much recent tragedy something to smile about.

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Sarah Comer

Shanghai, China

A Chicago-area native, Sarah studied Political Science and Chinese at Washington University in St. Louis. She has spent the last year as a legislative researcher for the Illinois General Assembly. She enjoys getting lost in cornfields and trying to avoid tornadoes but is looking forward to moving to Shanghai and working as a legal fellow at Orrick, a leading law firm in Shanghai.

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Danny Cook

Dalian, China

Danny Cook has high hopes for his upcoming year in China and looks forward to learning Mandarin and eating questionable meat. Danny graduated from Cornell University in the spring of 2006 with a major in Government and hopes that a year in China will help shed light on possible career options. If things do not work out, he plans on living in his mother’s basement till his late 30’s. Danny is originally from Wilmington, Delaware (yes, it is a state) and is proud to be a part of a strong pedigree of Delawareans including Ryan Phillipe and the guy from CNN’s crossfire.

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Matt Daniels

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Matt Daniels attends Villanova and is really into film. He is already thinking of films he can make in Thailand.

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Pier Deroo

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Dear Pier,

Row, row, row your boat, gently across the Pacific. Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, Thailand’s so terrific.

Welcome to PiA’s "crew". Don’t forget to write. Oops, too late.


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Dylan Fagan

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Dylan spent 4 years in Durham, NC riding his bike into the forest to read books and look at trees. He wrote papers about the resemblance between the movements of Dionysus' chase after ladies in gas station parking lots (his friend's dog) and the flowers of Virginia Woolf's stories. He also tried unsuccessfully to program every radio within an arm's reach to only play Duke and Chapel Hill's radio stations. Dylan will return from Mongolia with righteous ger construction skills to finally give his parents the final push they need to become nomadic.

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Ryan Finstad

Shanghai, China

Ryan Finstad is going to Shanghai to work at Tractus Asia, a business consultancy started by former PiAer, John Evans, ‘91. He is originally from San Diego and naturally has a love for the beach and all things sandy. Ryan studied politics and accounting at UCLA, where he was fortunate enough to discover the evils of both before pursuing a career in either. He also spent two summers studying at Chinese universities, interning at a magazine in Hong Kong, and playing Chinese drinking games. He plans to pursue his love affair with xiao long bao next year.

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