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Alan Borelli

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Rock on.

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Jason Brennan

Shenyang, China

At the ripe age of 29, Jason is the undignified elder statesman of the group. He graduated from Brown University in ’99 and has since hop-skotched careers in advertising, film, and health research. To make sure he keeps up with the younger PiA set, Jason hopes to implement a disciplined routine of jazzercise, interpretive dance and extensive fiber intake. Jason hails from Chicago, the sister city of Shenyang, and is planning to milk that for whatever it’s worth upon arrival.

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Adam Brenner

Hangzhou, China
Adam Brenner has focused his studies on history (specifically that of East Asia) and film. He aspires to creating a production company in Los Angeles for the purposes of producing and directing films upon his return from his PIA post in China. He plays guitar, loves music and literature, and digs a good conversation about postmodern art. Pleasures include hiking, kayaking, writing, and reading, and he’s always up for a slow or fast drink.
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Jenn Brown

Beijing, China
Jenn majored in East Asian Studies and Government at Wesleyan University and studying abroad in Beijing and Hangzhou China during her junior year. After school, she beach-bummed in Charleston, SC for a summer then moved to Washington, DC for a year and a half before deciding that settling in one place was overrated. Thus, she said good-bye to DC, grabbed her backpack, and headed off for a four-month trip visiting Antarctica and six countries in South America. She is extremely excited to return to China and looks forward to biking through Chinese traffic "patterns," eating at Uighur noodle restaurants, and not understanding anything Beijing taxi drivers say.
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Tyler Brown

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Tyler Brown is from Reno, Nevada. He is very excited to go to Asia or Southeast Asia, wherever in that very large continent or smaller but still very impressive subcontinent that PIA manages to send him. His interests include photosynthesis, sunshine, Thomas Pynchon, and the banjo, but not necessarily in that order. He hopes to pick up a language and teach like a crazy person next year.

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Sarah Butsch

Nan, Thailand

Butschy is a tree-hugging Vermonter who loves to sleep over at her brother’s yurt and eat granola bars covered in ants off the floor. Butschy traded in her childhood catching-chickens-and-shoving-them-in-a-box skills to be the biggest clutch player on the Princeton ice hockey team. Butschy’s favorite year is 2004, and if you ask her, she will start her very original 2004 chant, and continue it for 40 minutes. Sarah is extremely laid back, relaxed, and a grounded person- OBVIO since she is from Vermont even though she openly admits that New Hampshire is a better state.

(Penned by Heather Jackson).

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Yam Ki Chan

Beijing, China

Yam Ki escaped from Carleton College with an econ degree in 2004 and escaped from a tiny cube at an investment bank in 2005. After fleeing to Kunming, China, he spent the last year traveling, taking pictures, and fixing the English-speaking computers of expats. Born in Hong Kong and raised in HK and Chicago, Yam Ki keeps both the Americans and the Chinese guessing. He is looking forward to explaining where he is "from" at least 1.3 billion times while working and traveling with Wild China in the next year. Check out Yam Ki’s pictures at http://foregin-exposure.smugmug.com.

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Dan Chaput

Dalian, China
Dan graduated from Bowdoin College, double majoring in Government (political science to the rest of the world) and long walks on the beach. Dan is extremely excited that Dalian is on the coast of China because he can continue to take long walks on the beach and because he loves everything about the ocean. Dan hopes to pick up as much Chinese as he can and is committed to including several Madonna songs in his English class assignments. In addition to experiencing everything Dalian has to offer, Dan hopes to travel as much as possible and he looks forward to seeing the rest of Asia.
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Mashall Chaudry

Hanoi, Vietnam

Mashall was born in Pakiston. We can only assume that she did not subvert a blurb to cover up her Lollywood stardom. When she turned down Amir Khan’s marriage proposal, she fled to America to pursure a foreign service degree at Georgetown. Next, she is bound for Hanoi as a public health fellow at PLAN International.

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Vivian Chow

Shenyang, China

Vivian is a senior at UCLA where she indulges her penchant for over-analysis and sentimental poetry as an English major. In typical LA fashion, she loves sunshine, flip-flops, and the beach, and is a helpless victim of the overpriced and undersized organic produce market. Next year, Vivian will have to wean herself off of sunny socal weather as she heads off to the freezing temperatures of Shenyang, China. Summer plans: work on looking older so her students at Northeastern University won’t mistake her for a freshman instead of their new American teacher…

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