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Jack Thirlof

Rach Gia, Vietnam

A product of the mean streets of Rockville, MD, Jack battled his way through loosely-defined genre requirements and mandatory existential angst to earn a degree in Comparative Literature from Princeton in June 2006. Cofounder of both the Annual Civil War Spring Break Battlefield Bike Tour and the Thirolf-White Aerospace Consortium, Jack is excited to finally turn all of his misdirected and confused creative energies towards something useful: teaching another year in Rach Gia. Jack hopes to rock the classroom by somehow leveraging his PiA teacher training with his freakish height and love of school.

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Andrew Turco

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Andrew Turco graduated from Princeton University this year with a major in the Woodrow Wilson School and a certificate in Visual Arts. After being a PiA Summer of Service intern in China this past summer, Andrew’s excited to try another new adventure, this time in Cambodia. He hopes to photograph often, to enjoy lots of outdoors activities, play soccer, learn Khmer, figure out where all of the “h”s go in Phnom Penh, travel with PiA friends from “neighboring” countries, get to know a relatively unknown place, and enjoy having year-round warm weather. Most importantly, though, Andrew is happy to have written this blurb so that Anastasia and Leslie don’t get to write made-up or embarrassing stories about him in this space instead.

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Kendall Turner

Bangkok, Thailand

Kendall Turner is from Arlington, VA, but she tells everyone she is from Washington, DC. She received her degree from Princeton, where she majored in Philosophy and received a certificate in Italian. She (logically) plans to spend her summer brushing up on her Italian before moving to Bangkok for 18 months. Once in Thailand, she hopes to learn how to enact a bloodless coup, cook, resist dengue fever, live in small spaces, ride an elephant and drive a tuk-tuk. She would love company in any and all of these pursuits.

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Steph Uhl

Nan, Thailand

Stephanie Uhl joins PiA after a 3-year stint as a photo shoot producer. While her job sent her to many exotic locales, she is excited at the prospect of traveling without a 12-person entourage and not at the mercy of finicky weather patterns and even finickier eating habits (ever tried finding vegan fare in the mountains of Argentina?). Not only is she looking forward to teaching English to elementary school children in Nan, but also to the peace of the Thai countryside where she plans on taking in as much of the local culture as possible, honing her meditation skills, making a dent in her long abandoned reading list and writing prose that isn’t hastily composed in transit via her blackberry (like this blurb was).

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Teresa Velez

Yakage, Japan

Teresa Velez just graduated from Princeton University, with a degree in East Asian Studies. Though she focused on China, she’s going to Japan, which is very exciting. She’s originally from New Jersey and loves sci-fi, and perhaps it’s that interest on the foreign and the unknown, which has led her down such an interesting path. New Jersey? China? Japan? Teresa’s all about trying new exciting things, and is eager to see where life takes her. Wherever it is, she hopes it has cable.

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Aaron Vogt

Singapore, Singapore

Aaron Vogt is going to Singapore to teach classes either on creative thinking or introductory psychology (apparently this has yet to be decided) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. Although originally from Covington, KY, he is a Psychology and Creative Writing student graduating from Wittenberg University in 2007. At Wittenberg he was the Music Director for the campus radio station, WUSO, and has been considered by many to be a recovering musical elitist (which he denie to the death). He looks forward to discovering whether or not creative writing cliches are universal. Also, he hopes to use the location of Singapore as a great launching point for some travelling--so those promises of couches better well be true!

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Xiao Wan

Kurashiki, Japan

Xiao is a Biology major graduating from Yale University this year (unless something goes terribly wrong with her senior project), studying obscure proteins and round worms. Having moved around quite a bit as a child, she is looking forward to living abroad in Japan next year, not to mention gorging on sushi and ramen. She hopes to become a doctor one day and look ultra cool in a white coat and a stethoscope (although she also secretly wants to work as a waitress).

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Kate Wandtke

Nan, Thailand
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Peter White

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Peter White, an ‘06 Princeton grad originally hailing from suburban Boston, has finally forsaken sedentary, agrarian society for the steppe and is looking forward to teaching at the University of Humanities in Ulan Bator. Peter reached his decision when a variety of his vaguely patrician ancestors as well as Genghis Khan visited him in a dream and fought in a gotterdamerung that lasted the better part of the evening; in the end the great Khan won out. Peter hopes that being “rock and/or roll” personified will more than compensate for his debilitating fear of equine creatures, flat terrain, and dairy products when he arrives in UB.

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Phil Williams

Khon Kaen, Thailand

A Chicago native, Phil graduates from Northwestern University in 2007 with a degree in Political Science. He spent his undergraduate years staring longingly at an ice-covered beach, getting lost in the library towers and escaping up to Wisconsin to camp when he could. His first adventure in Asia was in the summer of 2005 when he traveled through Taiwan and China for several months. Despite surviving two typhoons, an earthquake, and numerous dishes of smelly tofu, Phil knew he was not done with Asia. In Khon Kaen he looks forward to tackling an indigenous cuisine with insects as its main source of protein, having too much fun during Songkran and possibly witnessing one of Thailand’s periodic coups.

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