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Chris Sall

Shanghai, China

Chris Sall went to Whitman College in the little town of Walla Walla, WA, which is known for its wheat fields, sweet onions, and maximum-security penitentiary. He escaped from Walla Walla with a degree in history, and then hightailed it to Kunming, China to teach English at Yunnan University. Over the past two years, he has studied Mandarin, traveled and taken a lot of photographs, while also developing a taste for yak butter tea. Even though he is sad to be moving far away from the yaks of Yunnan, he looks forward to crowd surfing during rush hour on the Metro and being a legal assistant with Orrick in Shanghai.

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Nora Samuelson

Shenyang, China

A 2005 Bucknell graduate, Nora is spending the year teaching in Shenyang. After helping to develop the Public Health Fellowship Program at Princeton Project 55 for the last two years, Nora decided that actually being a Fellow is a pretty cool thing. She will miss watching her Colts win the Superbowl again, but she is willing to sacrifice this sacred day in February for 366 days (2008 is leap year, after all) of China. While the language barrier is a little scary (Nora just learned how to count to nine in Mandarin!), she is very fortunate to be going to Shenyang with her boyfriend, Jay, who is fluent in Mandarin.

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Sarah Selim

Gwangju, South Korea

Sarah Selim is going to South Korea to teach third grade. She studied Social Studies (yes, she knows it sounds like seventh grade history but it’s really not!) at Harvard University and wrote a ridiculously long thesis on cultural border crossers and narrative theory. She grew up in Glen Ridge, NJ and Cairo, Egypt and loves to travel! In her spare time she eats as much ice cream as possible and just finished watching all 144 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

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Sanhita Sen

Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Sanhita graduated in 2003 from York High School in Virginia, and from Princeton University in 2007. She grew up in the upper peninsula of Michigan (yes, Michigan has an upper peninsula) and now lives in North Carolina, where she spends her free time honing the gymnastics skills she picked up during her semester abroad in South Africa. In addition to backflips and no-handed cartwheels, her other hobbies include writing for newspapers, reading and re-reading Vonnegut classics, and running long distances, only to turn around and come back. She’s excited about adding to this list in Indonesia next year, and though she’s a little nervous about teaching, both her parents are in the teaching profession, and she’s hoping she’ll learn through osmosis.

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Angilee Shah

Singapore, Singapore

Angilee Shah is excited to be headed to Ngee Ann Polytechnic University in Singapore. She’s going to teach writing and media courses, but she swears that she’s a journalist. For the last three years, she’s been preparing to enter the daily news business but can’t help thinking that being in Asia will be way cooler. She is moving from Los Angeles, but grew up in Canada – she looks forward to chewing as much gum as possible before arriving.

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Alexis Shaitkin

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Alexis is a Comparative Literature major who is very happy to be moving to a country where mangoes are in season all year. She enjoys hiking, camping, running and other commune-with-nature activities, and will probably get lost in the woods more than a few times during her year in Asia, hopefully not during monsoon season. She really likes to write.

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Kevin Shaw

Singapore, Singapore

Kevin is going to Singapore to teach Economics at Ngee Ann Polytechnic. After completing his studies of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, San Diego, he decided to escape the harsh weather and “up-tight” attitude of southern California and flock to the paradiso he had always imagined – Washington, DC. Armed with his thick-framed glasses and calculator, he spent two years doing economic research at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Several things that Kevin holds dear to his heart: ping pong, Mexican food, and the Bjork photograph above his bed.

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Christopher Shay

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Christopher Shay enjoys the arts-as evidenced by his habit of walking around with a plastic camera and pretending to understand abstract art. He loves long walks on the beach as well as biking, hiking, and organizing futile efforts to climb mountains. In addition to feigning a degree of sophistication, he pretends to read voraciously. His other hobbies include calling things post-modern, cooking, and assuring his Oma that he won’t catch sars in Hong Kong. Christopher majored in cultural anthropology-he did it for the fame, the money, and the women, but ended up falling in love his major. Unfortunately, this relationship came to an end when it announced it was seeing other people.

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Clare Sheng

Kunming, China

After mastering the intricate art of cow milking in the Masai highlands, surviving the bargain-training boot camps in the bazaars of Istanbul, and enduring armies of tourists while living across from the national zoo in Washington, DC, Clare Ye Sheng is ready for the challenge of speaking Mandarin with an undetectable Shanghai accent in Kunming. Clare studied international relations, Asian studies, international development and communications at American University and then worked at an international development firm where she was perpetually jet lagged and loved it. She is thrilled about exploring southern China, learning Kunminghua, and searching for the best Chinese cuisine in the local dives.

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Elizabeth Skeen

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Liz (seen here modeling in Thailand) loves fish sauce,chillies, dried shrimp, tomatoes, and papayas. Luckily she currently isin Khon Kaen, where these five ingredients combine to form "somtom." This magnificant (and highly misunderstood) dish is a regional specialty in Northeast Thailand and one of the many reasons why Lizfeels she's blessed to live her. In addition to eating som tom, Lizenjoys teaching Business English to over 100 plucky Thais, and and inthe process, learning herself what the the four P's of the marketingmix are -- price, product, promotion, and place! Liz especially looksforward to her latest endeavor at Khon Kaen University: teaching saidBusiness English students a special elective on "How to be Cool inEnglish." The first lesson? "Leaving Doraemon at the Door: LearningWhen Cartoon Characters Are Not Cool." Finally, Liz encourages anyoneand everyone to crash at her one-room apartment. Cheers to all fromThailand!

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