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Annie Preis

Khon Kaen, Thailand

Hailing from Los Angeles, Annie majored in religion with a certificate in theater at Princeton. Once upon a time, Annie raised goats in the 4-H club, went to circus camp with her whole family, and attended a bona fide prep school--allowing her to wear overalls, a red clown nose, and pop her collar all in homage to her cultural heritage. Thai will hopefully be the first living language that Annie learns and she’s super excited about it.

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Joey Puglisi

Khon Kaen, Vietnam

Joey Puglisi is a published author (see Khon Kaen section of PiA: Thailand), inventor (the world famous steak-knife-as-a-bottle-opener), and accomplished yogi (most recently, he participated in the 'beginners' class at the Khon Kaen University fitness center, where he earned a groin injury). He hopes his second year in PiA will further increase his already long litany of successes.

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Asad Rahim

Dalian, China

Asad attended Babson College where he majored in Essentially Meaningless Business Jargon. He learned to impress people by saying things like, “We offer end-to-end marketing solutions with a global delivery footprint” or “We’ve streamlined our robust portfolio of services in order to leverage our customers’ value-added investments” and a slew of other phrases that roll off the tongue. While in Dalian Asad plans to pretend to be Kobe Bryant, P. Diddy, Chris Tucker and anyone else whose name might get him free entry into the clubs.

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Greg Redman

Singapore, Singapore

Greg Redman graduated from Princeton University in 2007 with a degree in Operations Research and Financial Engineering. When asked, “Who would you most like to meet in Singapore?” Greg responded that the only famous Singaporean he could find was adult film actress Annabel Chong. As a Garden State native Greg worries that the island-city’s many parks and public greens will leave him homesick for the smooth, black pavement of home. Ultimately, Greg looks forward to a wonderful experience teaching computer science abroad with many fellow PiA’ers stopping through to crash on his couch.

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Jared Robbins

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Jared is from Michigan (that state where everyone points to a part of the hand when describing where they’re from). He attended the University of Michigan, and since graduating a year ago, has not been living the yuppie dream, but rather the lower-middle class nightmare in slaving away at a Dilbert-esque job in the suburbs, doing data entry for a medical billing office. Amidst the doldrums of excessively monotonous work, he has unsuccessfully attempted to pen a screenplay about his experiences. The office managed to suck out any ounce of creative energy or ambition he might have once possessed, and therefore hopes that a teaching stint in Thailand will serve him better. If the creative part doesn’t work out, he can always pursue his dream of becoming a Muay Thai champion.

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ReNard Rogers

Hangzhou, China

ReNard is going to Hangzhou China, and is incredibly excited to be a professor at a Chinese university where many of his college peers will be studying abroad. Being both a huge fan of philosophy, and a lover of attention, he figured China would be an amazing place to do his Princeton in Asia fellowship! ReNard looks forward to naming his students after monumental historical figures, including Tonya Harding, Elian Gonzalez, and, of course, Milli Vanilli. While studying at Middlebury College, ReNard majored in Philosophy and minored in being an obnoxious Brooklynite. Apparently, he believes that Brooklyn is the center of the world, and should not be considered a part of NYC.

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Kate Roll

Dili, Timor-Leste

Kate is currently spending her second year as a Princeton-in-Asia Fellow in Dili, Timor-Leste. While she spent her first year ducking in an out of political rallies and burried under elections observation data with the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, this year has brought her to the local NGO BELUN, where she looks after the small grants program and helped put out a
report on village-level conflicts. Before coming to Timor-Leste, Kate was a International Relations theory geek, spending time researching the financing of terrorism and writing her undergraduate thesis at Brown University on private military companies. This Bostonian also thinks that birds, bikes, boats and yoga are 'wicked awesome.

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Leah Rubin-Cadrain

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Leah just finished writing her last college paper. She is not sad about that at all. The desktop photo of a wat in Chiang Mai, against which the Word document was set up, was all that kept her going. About to graduate from Yale with a degree in Literature with Religious Studies, Leah hopes that in Thailand she will both start liking to read again and replace the study of dead languages with a sixth sense for Thai spirits of the dead. If she comes home with worn-out hiking boots, chalk marks down her skirts, some know-how with fish paste, a host of friends shorter than she is, and having traded her saxophone for a bamboo woodwind, she’ll feel pretty fulfilled. She’d write more, but the plane is pretty much boarding now. Visit!

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Kirsten Ruch

Nan, Thailand

Kirsten is going to Thailand. Yeah Thailand!

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Jenn Ruskey

Kodai Kanal, India

Jennifer Ruskey completed her degree at Princeton University in the department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. She enjoys running around in the bush chasing zebras, climbing trees, making new friends, and keeping up her reputation as a slender mongoose. She hopes her year in India will improve her finger-painting and rock-climbing skills, and plans on meeting as many wild animals and interesting people as possible.

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