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Jacob Gold

Hanoi, Vietnam

Jacob Gold is a proud native of Chicago, Illinois. He received his bachelor’s degree from Princeton in Anthropology. Jacob is a really decent guy with grassroots vibrations pouring out all over the place. Seriously- Authenticity and Respect are among the words tattooed on the insides of his still-not-filled-in-enough biceps. He is so excited to live and work in Hanoi, to learn the language, to do some excellent writing. By all means feel free to drop by and visit me at any time, at my residence or place of work, and stay indefinitely. I’m not sure if they’ve quite cornered the concept of the “couch” where I’m headed, but all the same I’ll offer you a place to sleep on the equivalent horizontal surface, which might be made of something woven, I don’t know.

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Christopher Haagen

Wuhan, China

Christopher Haagen is from Durham, North Carolina and graduated from Haverford College with a degree in Religion. Armed with little Chinese and refined improv comedy skills (likely to be lost on native Chinese speakers), he will be teaching in Wuhan at Wuhan University of Technology. He looks forward to everyone, anywhere, coming to visit him.

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Jevon Harding

New Delhi, India

Jevon is a 2007 graduate of Princeton who majored in dirt (and rocks, when she had to). She is a native of Slidell, Louisiana, otherwise known as don’t-worry-no-one-else-has-heard-of-it-either. As a bayou girl who has never lived in a city before, she decided her first urban experience should be in one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world. If she survives the year in New Delhi , she will be more than excited to tell you all her adventures as one of the inaugural India PiA fellows. And if all goes to plan, all of these stories will hopefully be related in fluent Hindi.

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Bryan Harfenist

Hangzhou, China

Despite lucrative career offers in the fields of modern dance and Major League Lacrosse, Bryan Harfenist is overjoyed to spend the next year in Hangzhou, China. A neuroscience major at Oberlin College, his liberal studies of brain slices, hormones, and revolution make him perfectly suited to life as an English teacher in China. He greatly anticipates long nights of karaoke, bus trips around China, as well as daily indulgences in street food, foot massages, and green tea to complete his Chinese experience.

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Shaundra Harris

Singapore, Singapore

Cannot, lah.

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Chris Heinrich

Bangkok, Thailand

Chris Heinrich is a 2007 graduate of Middlebury College and he cannot wait to live life in Bangkok. Although he is sad to leave behind VH1 reality television and Slim Jims, he’s sure that there must be addictive Thai substitutes. While in Bangkok he plans to use his degree in Sociology and Anthropology to eat as much as possible, explore rickety public transportation, meet yoga gurus, and learn how to order food in Thai.

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David Hogue

Guangzhou, China

After three years dwelling in the vacant, open fields and woody, lonesome forests of English pastoral poetry, David seeks a more peopled designation, and, with a population of some 15 million people, Guangzhou fits the bill. Once there, a single body in a mass of bodies, David hopes to serve as an important appendage: nay: all-enriching part; nay: vital and indispensable organ: of the high school where he will be teaching English. Additionally, he plans to continue the quest to fluency in Mandarin and do a lot of road biking.

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Christy Holzer

Shanghai, China

Christy Holzer will graduate from Princeton in 2007 with a degree in Civil Engineering and Architecture. She has spent four years sleeping in the engineering building and studying buildings with forays into the equestrian and ski teams as well as a brief stint as a rower. She will learn the entire Mandarin language in three weeks this summer before departing for Shanghai to work in an architecture firm. While in China she plans on becoming well versed in Chinese food, markets and hitchiking across Asia.

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Claire Hoppenot

Kurashiki, Jersey

Claire Hoppenot is going to Kurashiki, Japan to teach English and to subject her students to the language classroom games she happily endured in studying comparative literature at Princeton. She hopes to learn Japanese, try as many unnameable foods as possible, and gain the Zen and patience to apply it to medical school upon her return from Asia.

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Louisa Iving

Hangzhou, China

Louisa left for Hangzhou in August 2005 to be a student of Chinese, and will return to Hangzhou in August 2007 to teach Chinese students.  While focusing on East Asian studies and dance at Middlebury College, it was rare that her two interests overlapped. However, Louisa hopes that dancing in Chinese discos next year will finally bring cohesion to her liberal arts education. During those hours when she is not teaching English, Louisa is contemplating a job at Starbucks---what better way to hone her language skills than by learning how to say grande-soy-no-sugar-vanilla-latte in Chinese?

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